What does OTK stand for?

What does OTK mean? We have 25 definitions. Read most used OTK meanings below.

OTK / (One Turn Kill). Used regarding games where another player is able to beat (or kill) another player within 1 turn. Different from a FTK (First Turn Kill) where a player is able to kill other player on the first turn. A OTK can happen at any point in the game.

Speaker 1: You better buckle up because I’m about to OTK you!
Speaker 2: Bring it douche.

OTK / (Over the knee). This term can refer to boots that go up to the knee but it is more commonly used in the BDSM community. When used it means that a person should come over to the other and get over their knee so they will receive a spanking.

Speaker 1: Get over here or so help me I’ll give you an otk!
Speaker 2: Yes, Mistress.