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What does Cob mean? It stands for close of business (End of duty day)

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Last Week Tonight is proudly sponsored by corn on the cob! The least convenient but most acceptable way to eat a stick of butter!

As COB approaches, I have heard nothing more from @realdonaldtrump's team abt this.

Pence is the kind of guy that eats a burrito like corn on the cob and goes "A little messy, sure, but muy bien!" #VPDebate

Corn cob, xoconostle, mockingbird... There are lots of reasons to be proud of Mexico's biodiversity! Enjoy it!

Favourite part of the weekend? Devouring fresh corn on the cob! How about you? #SupportLocalFarmers #Corn #DontJudge

"Really wild stuff", concluded the former UN speaker and Forbes 30 under 30 alum as she photoshopped abs and a human face onto a corn cob

Perhaps you also wish to watch a porcupine eat corn on the cob rather than work this morning

Would you rather? Fried okra or Corn on the cob? #ThisOrThat

When it comes to corn on the cob, you can do better than just butter.

A One-Step Corn Kerneler for Easily Removing Kernels From the Cob in One Quick Motion

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I shall revert by today CoB

WATCH: How To Easily Cook Corn on the Cob in the Microwave:

Girl on the plane eating corn on the cob. Continuously. She's had like 5. Cobs keep coming from a bag. Not making this up. I mean who would?

Genome sequence of a 5,310-year-old #maize cob provides new insights into the early stages of maize domestication

Ancient corn cob shows how maize conquered the world

#mets are 7-6 against the #braves this year. That number probably needs to be at 10-6 by COB Sunday.

What was Cam Newton possibly eating during a game that required flossing? Corn on the cob? Popcorn? An Apple?

Peace to the hardworking #COB

5 ways to ramp up this veggie #BBQ classic. Tru our #cornonthecob toppings:


Most popular questions

What does Cob stand for?

Cob stands for "close of business (End of duty day)"

How to abbreviate "close of business (End of duty day)"?

"close of business (End of duty day)" can be abbreviated as Cob

What is the meaning of Cob abbreviation?

The meaning of Cob abbreviation is "close of business (End of duty day)"

What does Cob mean?

Cob as abbreviation means "close of business (End of duty day)"

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