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What does SRSLY mean? It stands for Seriously

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The website of Immigration Canada has crushed. Srsly.

pundits: race is tightening! polls: not really pundits: it's unbelievably tight polls: kinda the opposite pundit: so so tight polls: srsly

McNicol purge destroys Labour's control of Bristol council! - srsly?

Ihr braucht euch srsly nie bei uns bedanken Leute auch wenn ichs euch hoch anrechne - gibt keinen Grund dazu <3

I srsly hate people who judge me before getting to know me

i mean i srsly don't think Hillary Clinton has uttered a single mean sentence abt the media this entire campaign. so no, it's not 'normal'

You are all srsly the best. I HATE sitting out...You guys give me such peace of mind, help keep my fire lit.. #FilAmFlash is coming back.

Ok srsly America try not to do a big poo in your own mouth.

truth is DC press is as addicted to Dem "scandals" as is the GOP....3 yrs later, press was still taking Benghazi cover-up nonsense srsly.

The #3 Google search for today is the word "pragmatic." Because Obama used it in a sentence to describe Trump. SRSLY

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Ok guys. Cmon. Srsly?

Thought bubble: "This Holtz guy was on tv for 20 years? Srsly?"

Some Ukraine officials not taking e-declaration srsly? Aidar cmdr turned MP declares 1 trillion hryvnia ($38B) cash.

@actuallyfarah srsly my door is open

@Kasper_Tait omg srsly

Commentariat this morning all hanging of a few words from Trump. As if the guy has never lied, has integrity and is trustworthy. Joke. Srsly

I have too much going on to be tending to grown up temper tantrums tho. Srsly. ..I wish everybody would get it together..cus I'm cool.

It's stuff like this that makes it impossible to take Chait/Yglesias etc srsly or in good faith. They were *obviously* playing cutesy game.

Just saw Kubo & the Two Strings. Hadn't followed news. Was very impressed. Then credits rolled. No Asian lead actors... Srsly, WTF HOLLYWOOD


Most popular questions

What does SRSLY stand for?

SRSLY stands for "Seriously"

How to abbreviate "Seriously"?

"Seriously" can be abbreviated as SRSLY

What is the meaning of SRSLY abbreviation?

The meaning of SRSLY abbreviation is "Seriously"

What does SRSLY mean?

SRSLY as abbreviation means "Seriously"

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