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Real Deal Feeling
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What does RDF mean? It stands for Real Deal Feeling

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"We must stand together against hatred & fight for the rights of all Americans to live freely & without fear." -RDF

I join all of WI to thank Dallas officer & WI native Gretchen Rocha for her public service & bravery. We wish her well in her recovery. -RDF

I'm saddened by the loss of Elie Wiesel, who taught us all that we have a responsibility to never ignore or forget human suffering. -RDF

Activities to mark #Kwibohora22 are led by RDF and #Rwanda-ns to deliver a range of infrastructure projects to support national development.

Wow. Huge @BadgerFootball victory, and an incredible start to the season. Go Badgers! -RDF #OnWisconsin

We're investigating more crimes against weather this AM; #MotherNature is the prime suspect. Please be careful in #nltraffic with the #RDF!

This #IndependenceDay, we unite as Americans to celebrate shared liberty, diversity, & opportunity. Happy 4th! -RDF

I don't have the best penmanship, but I had to thank #TeamRuss for helping reach our 7,500 contributions goal. -RDF

Thanks for being part of my grassroots team. Now, let's go win this. -RDF #TeamRuss

15 years after 9/11, I join Wisconsinites to mourn those lost in that horrible attack, & thank our service members & first responders. -RDF

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Because of you, our CheddarBomb showed everyone that this campaign is built on grassroots strength. Thank you. -RDF

Ahhh, the awe-inspiring view from our harbourview window on Level 3. Breath-taking!! #nlwx #fog #rain #RDF

I was lucky to know such an important voice. Eric Von's contributions to Milwaukee will be dearly missed. -RDF

QuickGraph#3: A Step-by-Step Example of #RDF to Property Graph Transformation @BarrasaDV

"I will do the hard work every day to reach across the aisle and get things done." -RDF #WISCONSIN72

The empire is asking that you fly your A-Wing Fighters carefully in #nltraffic on the ORR this morning due to RDF.

She instilled within me the idealism and passion for social justice that guide my life. Happy Mother's Day. -RDF

Hard to believe it's been almost 3 months since we welcomed baby Sylvia. As you can see, Gramps is her #1 fan. -RDF

#w3ccommunity Call for Participation in RDF and XML Interoperability Community Group


Most popular questions

What does RDF stand for?

RDF stands for "Real Deal Feeling"

How to abbreviate "Real Deal Feeling"?

"Real Deal Feeling" can be abbreviated as RDF

What is the meaning of RDF abbreviation?

The meaning of RDF abbreviation is "Real Deal Feeling"

What does RDF mean?

RDF as abbreviation means "Real Deal Feeling"

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