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What does CHK mean? It stands for Check

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BACK TO BASICS: After a few days of medical chk-ups n hicups, I'm back. Jst gave interview on Dr Shahid show. Soon be in Pak wth new group

My 1st video shot in Nigeria #Ohema video chk it

Just got the Entire @phynofino Album!! Lol my housemates go hear WORD!!!! chk it

Omg! Stunning visuals haunting track @HarshKapoor_ all d best! Guys chk it out #MirzyaTitleTrack...@sonamakapoor truly #proudsistermoment

Tomorrow-@PBS Learn how military medicine is saving lives-Beyond the Battlefield-Chk local listings #MilitaryMedPBS

Many peeps R comparing 11/9 w 9/11. For those into numerology, both days add up to TWO or 2 So chk this out!

#AchamYenbadhuMadamaiyada Reservations starts tomorrow. Chk out the promo @iam_str

Good Morning! I'm about to do a radio tour on east coast for @cancerschmancer #CShealthsummit chk me out!

Lyricist #Vairamuthu shares some #Bairavaa lyrics. Chk it out..

How did #AYM do at the BO despite #Demonitization - Chk out #CinemaPesalam 's latest video @iam_str @mohan_manjima

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Most popular questions

What does CHK stand for?

CHK stands for "Check"

How to abbreviate "Check"?

"Check" can be abbreviated as CHK

What is the meaning of CHK abbreviation?

The meaning of CHK abbreviation is "Check"

What does CHK mean?

CHK as abbreviation means "Check"

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