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What does CUZ mean? It stands for Because

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We have a super moon tonight, which is like the universe buying us a lollipop cuz our dog got hit by a truck.

we see u tryna justify ur vote for trump by saying it's cuz hillary was bad like it wasn't really the hate in your heart that led u to trump

Even if I agreed with every one of Trump's policies I still wouldn't vote for him 'cuz he's too incompetent to implement ANY of them.

When ya parents used to buy school shoes 10 sizes too big cuz ya needed "room for growth"......

Yeah but let's give him a chance 'cuz "unity" (My "@" responses: lol u mad bro u lost beta cuck free milo)

sad things is: only reason bud is becoming legal is cuz big brother will make more money off it being legal, than locking ppl up 4 it.

I wish there was a hooded Kermit talking to a hooded Kermit cuz then that would be me

This white dude legit terrorized me cuz I skipped him without knowing! If it was the other way around.. I'd be labeled as a terrorist

Everyone who is overwhelmed by the election better start getting ready for Thanksgiving cuz your racist relative is gonna be ready to chat!

So Trump won cuz of fully fake news stories. Great. I'm gonna go chew off all my fingers now.

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Many will defend Muslim registry cuz it's just for migrants. That's how civil liberties go-by little steps that don't shock the public.

#OverheardAtThanksgivingDinner that everyone was afraid to admit they were voting for Trump cuz the Liberals would physically attack them.

Great journalist and friend. My "cuz". At a time when the country needs her most she will be missed. RIP @gwenifill


I hope y'all saving money cuz trump bout to shut down all the side hustles in America

my eyes are wide open, life is gonna beat me down repeatedly. but imma keep getting back up, cuz imma give life a good one no matter what

.@Trevornoah: "People voted for Trump cuz of their whiteness" Ok. So people voted for Obama cuz of their blackness?

RT if your supported #BadThings since day 1 cuz you made it the 3rd most trending song in #NYC! ~ @AstraOnTheAir

You didn't vote 4 Trump cuz of his health care or tax policies. You voted 4 him cuz you wanted him to blow it up, tear it down or drain it.


Most popular questions

What does CUZ stand for?

CUZ stands for "Because"

How to abbreviate "Because"?

"Because" can be abbreviated as CUZ

What is the meaning of CUZ abbreviation?

The meaning of CUZ abbreviation is "Because"

What does CUZ mean?

CUZ as abbreviation means "Because"

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