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What does SO mean? It stands for Significant Other (spouse, Boyfriend / Girlfriend)

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This team has so much to be proud of. Whatever happens tonight, thank you for everything.

@tylerrjoseph that's so sick. also I saw we won the best alternative thingy too. that's two trophies for us tonight brahddy

.@HillaryClinton, however this ends tonight I am so proud of you and so honored to be your friend.

I can't wait to vote for @MichelleObama in 2020 like I'm ready so you better be running

Biden: ...so, when Trump walks in, you duck and I sock him wit- Obama: No, Joe

young people are the future of this world so do not give up hope and look forward to fight for the world we want!

A climate-denying, anti-equality, anti-reproductive rights establishment has been installed, so yes, we're allowed our online meltdowns.

Today Trump denounced protests against him, but so far nothing denouncing the KKK celebration parade in his honor.

Kanye: So many people hate me... Kanye to Kanye: But not ALL the people hate you...make all the people hate you...

Kanye is on stage praising Trump & telling BP to stop talking about race so much. This is exactly why they won't let Blue play at his house

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What upsets me so much is we have struggled for so many years to overcome discrimination and Trump is running his campaign on bigotry.


young kermit, why you trappin' so hard?

Obama: "Ok so then when a bill is passed by the House of Representatives it goes to the Senate..."

Me: omg wow I'm drowning in homework and responsibility. I have so much to do in so little time. Also me:

I am back!! Thank you so so much for the couple days away! So needed... let's get this started up again :)!!

Kendall Jenner got so drunk on her birthday that she forgot she got a Rolls Royce as a gift.... goals

I see why the Lakers are playing so good, they're wearing the uniforms we used to wear with the "Showtime" Lakers! LOL

The Daily Mail has got me so worried about openly gay ex-Olympic fencers I am now permanently en garde.


Most popular questions

What does SO stand for?

SO stands for "Significant Other (spouse, Boyfriend / Girlfriend)"

How to abbreviate "Significant Other (spouse, Boyfriend / Girlfriend)"?

"Significant Other (spouse, Boyfriend / Girlfriend)" can be abbreviated as SO

What is the meaning of SO abbreviation?

The meaning of SO abbreviation is "Significant Other (spouse, Boyfriend / Girlfriend)"

What does SO mean?

SO as abbreviation means "Significant Other (spouse, Boyfriend / Girlfriend)"

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