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What does EOL mean? It stands for End Of Life

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Vesper has had more downloads since Sunday (when it went free, and was announced EOL) than it did in 3+ years as a paid app.

Paramedics offering #palliative care at home ease end-of-life journey, by @ninacorfu @cbcns @Ottawa_Medic #eol

"Many people are not receiving #palliative care until last month of their life" -@JeffYurekMPP via @OnCall4ON #eol

Silencing end-of-life discussions fails our terminal patients via @kevinmd #eol

End-of-life planning isn't morbid, it's good common sense @DWDCanada @maureentaylor31 #eol

Dying In A Hospital Means More Procedures, Tests And Costs, by @alikodjak @NPRHealth @ESchattner #eol

Canada doesn't gave enough #palliative care docs, by @ellevogel @CSPCP_SCMSP @cmaj #pain #eol

What to say to someone who's dying @FourFunerals @NextAvenue @Paula_Span #eol

I didn't like it but this was the death she chose. A daughter-in-law's account. via @judith_graham #eol #MAiD

My sister made her end-of-life wishes clear. Then #dementia took hold, by @judith_graham via @statnews #eol

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The enemy is not death. The enemy is needless suffering, by @drsalwitz via @kevinmd #eol #dwd #PAD

Dr. Hauke Schmidt explains how #DataMining services help to reduce test time (EoL) in many Bosch plants #IIoT #BCW16

Want a good death? Leave clear end-of-life instructions, by @picardonhealth @GlobeDebate #eol

Everything you wanted to know about Thursday's assisted death report but were afraid to ask, by @amp6 #eol #dwd

Live from #VFSC #RedCarpetPose @fityourstyle @daraonradio @marlene_EOL @teeco71 @mcsweeney

On Wednesday I'm opening the Commons debate on #EndOfLifeCare, pls ask your MP to support & call for full access to EoL care

A Conversation About Assisted Death with Author @MiriamToews via @TrudoLemmens #PAD #eol

Are we too quick to ask for early death? by @HMChochinov via @winnipegnews #PAD #eol

New report on #palliative care in Ontario via @JohnFraserOS @HealthWorksBC #eol


Most popular questions

What does EOL stand for?

EOL stands for "End Of Life"

How to abbreviate "End Of Life"?

"End Of Life" can be abbreviated as EOL

What is the meaning of EOL abbreviation?

The meaning of EOL abbreviation is "End Of Life"

What does EOL mean?

EOL as abbreviation means "End Of Life"

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