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Abbreviation by CROping Names that Yield Meaning
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What does ACRONYM mean? It stands for Abbreviation by CROping Names that Yield Meaning

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If I buy, 1st move is to DELETE the OBSOLETE TNA acronym. The poor play on words retards the brand from reaching its full potential. #TND

Took the acronym right out of my mouth. I've never wanted to be more wrong about anything.

With Trump as it's standard bearer I think the RNC can now officially change the meaning of its acronym to Really Nasty Comments.

Hillary's Acronym: A-Awkward. B-Benghazi. C-Classified. #NeverHillary

Woe unto all who call Good, Bad and call Bad, Good in this Land. It does not matter what acronym you carry; Woe unto YOU haters of Truth.

To begin with @_mrajveer, Pakistan isnt a nation; it is an acronym, which is at best a state of mind. Like Jinnah, PK is hiding the disease

Two countries, two visions. #India has Jan Dhan Yojana. #Pakistan has Jihad Dhan Yojana. Same acronym, different priorities.

S.T.O.P. A fresh acronym for fighting irritability when it strikes.

.@CNORichardson: #USNavy no longer using A2/AD as stand-alone acronym. Must be more precise. via @samlagrone

@micheleborba shares with @TDJakesShow her acronym to fight against cyberbullying!

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"Expanding the Acronym: @GLAAD Adds the Q to #LGBT"

The NikeLab Air Presto Mid x Acronym sneaker takes sleek ninja swag to another level

Ed Miliband just destroyed Theresa May in four words and an acronym

Make Systemic Risk Great Again! MSRGA ... not as good an acronym but still awesome.

Online now, @nikelab x Acronym Air Presto Mid

Eschew the trashy and embrace the readworthy. Remember the acronym GWIGWO: Good Writing In, Good Writing Out. WILLIAM SAFIRE #amwriting

next time spell acronym properly and your tweet won't look so stupid

They'll need a new acronym at @CNN because promoting hoaxes as real news stories is not what news networks do.

JAMs. A new acronym is born.


Most popular questions

What does ACRONYM stand for?

ACRONYM stands for "Abbreviation by CROping Names that Yield Meaning"

How to abbreviate "Abbreviation by CROping Names that Yield Meaning"?

"Abbreviation by CROping Names that Yield Meaning" can be abbreviated as ACRONYM

What is the meaning of ACRONYM abbreviation?

The meaning of ACRONYM abbreviation is "Abbreviation by CROping Names that Yield Meaning"

What does ACRONYM mean?

ACRONYM as abbreviation means "Abbreviation by CROping Names that Yield Meaning"

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