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Just fucking kidding
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What does JFK mean? It stands for Just fucking kidding

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Blacks meet me at JFK tomorrow delta has a non stop flight to Accra if u in DC you can take South African airways, when u land ask for kofi

FDR: "We have nothing to fear but fear itself" JFK: "Ask not what your country can do for you" Obama: "Yes we can" Trump: "Grab em by the...

FDR won because of radio, JFK won because of television, Trump won because of social media. @StefanMolyneux

Dude, he said your father killed JFK and insulted your wife's face and then you endorsed him

But how will Cruz investigate his own father's murder of JFK?

Trump on how Clinton treated Obama in campaign. I want her to remind public TRUMP CLAIMED TED CRUZ'S DAD MURDERED JFK #debatenight #debates

Democrat icons JFK, Teddy, Bobby Kennedy were serial cheaters, their luster undiminished despite continuous revelations. Why not? #debate


. @CHVRCHES rarities playing at JFK...

Trump family nepotism AWFUL, um, er, except JFK made his brother Attorney General & Bill Clinton put Hillary in charge of health care reform

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"The Dark Side of Camelot," by ex NYT scribe, about JFK's philandering recklessness, never tarnished JFK's rep as a democratic icon. #debate

But what if his appointment as Atty Gen was only thing that cld prevent his father's prosecution for murdering JFK?

Hey @RadioFreeTom -- how much golf did JFK play in late October 1962?

I'mma 'bout to have a picture of Obama hanging on my wall the way your grandmas hang that picture of JFK

Learn about a transition of power in another dangerous time. IKE to JFK. It's out Jan 10th #3daysinjanuary

Lifezette promoted insane claim that Podesta was involved in Satanic rituals, Clintons involved in death of JFK Jr.

Minnesota man who was stopped at JFK airport on his way to join ISIS sentenced to 10 years:

For @NTagouri, JFK's infamous inaugural address still speaks volumes about America.

Maybe Cruz could finally prosecute his father for assassinating JFK


Most popular questions

What does JFK stand for?

JFK stands for "Just fucking kidding"

How to abbreviate "Just fucking kidding"?

"Just fucking kidding" can be abbreviated as JFK

What is the meaning of JFK abbreviation?

The meaning of JFK abbreviation is "Just fucking kidding"

What does JFK mean?

JFK as abbreviation means "Just fucking kidding"

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