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Piss And Moan
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What does PAM mean? It stands for Piss And Moan

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Florida AG Pam Bondi, who scrapped probe into Trump U after getting $25K from Trump Foundation, has just been named 2 Trump Transition team

Transition team executive committee includes: Fla. Atty Gen. Pam Bondi Peter Thiel Donald Trump Jr. Eric Trump Ivanka Trump Stephen Bannon


Wasn't Pam Bondi the one who chose not to prosecute Trump after getting a nice re-election campaign "gift"?

Recipient of the Trump U payoff >>> Florida AG Pam Bondi Joins Trump Transition Team via @TPM

Can't even tell you how good I feel rn to have this out and done and so much support for it. Happy Pam <3

Bill Clinton, Pam Bondi and the other 536 members of the Electoral College will vote Dec. 19. Here's the roster:

And a political donation to a super PAC associated w FL AG Pam Bondi which the Trump Foundation called an accident.

Dwight's friendship with Pam is an underrated part of The Office.

No Pam Bondi at FL GOP Victory Dinner in her hometown of Tampa tonight. Nor Rick Scott, Trump's other top FL supporter

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On CNN, @WilliamCohan says Trump told him NY AG investigated Trump U because Trump refused to give campaign $. Awk for Pam Bondi?

"Exhibit A: The corruption case against Trump and Pam Bondi"

"Exhibit A: The corruption case against Trump and Pam Bondi"

This aisle is dead to me . Dead to Pam .

Los islamistas ganan las elecciones legislativas en Marruecos por delante de los laicos del PAM

Also spotted earlier today at Trump Tower: FL AG Pam Bondi.

Aww! Pam was tonight's MVP! #LHHReunion

New York Comic Con has nothing on Princess Pam Pam. @sfosternyc #nycc2016 #NYCC #GOT #gameofthrones

The great @pam_houston, speaking truth:


Most popular questions

What does PAM stand for?

PAM stands for "Piss And Moan"

How to abbreviate "Piss And Moan"?

"Piss And Moan" can be abbreviated as PAM

What is the meaning of PAM abbreviation?

The meaning of PAM abbreviation is "Piss And Moan"

What does PAM mean?

PAM as abbreviation means "Piss And Moan"

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