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I Know Right
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What does IKR mean? It stands for I Know Right

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@hazeIdjh ikr we have literally two chances i'm definitely sure phil won't fall off the stage ..

@steph_bookworm ikr way to not appreciate my gift (the fedora is the most expensive hat in pokemon x&y)

@twinklinglestr ikr 2 weeks from now sneak attack

@magikhowell ikr good timing think of all the different places i went - at least i'm going to australia for whatever they have down there

@whatsaphan ikr hurtling towards our inevitable ends

@LDShadowLady yeah ikr

Me: Oh mate Squirrel: IKR Me: But how'd you even... Squirrel: Well I was considerably thinner then.

@Nudah ikr

@willyears IKR

@Razzbowski ikr? atleast the fnaf community is good at one thing <3

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@luvmycookie_ ikr!

@SerenahiltonSh ikr don't you feel so calm now

*belt bjarn op* bjarn: *neemt op en cam ligt tegen tafel aan* job: ik leg ook altijd mn cam weg tijdens het fappen voor zekerheid bjarn: ikr

@fruituhsaur ikr.. i was feeling extra slothy this morning

@TeiShi @the1975 ikr

@KSIOlajidebt @wroetoshaw IKR

@OliviaSui ikr

"Trump is an orange clown. Cruz is robotic. Bernie sounds like he's shouting." "lol ikr" "Hillary's voice is annoying." "ZOMG SEXIST"

@HoustonDash ikr?


Most popular questions

What does IKR stand for?

IKR stands for "I Know Right"

How to abbreviate "I Know Right"?

"I Know Right" can be abbreviated as IKR

What is the meaning of IKR abbreviation?

The meaning of IKR abbreviation is "I Know Right"

What does IKR mean?

IKR as abbreviation means "I Know Right"

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