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what's up?
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What does wassup mean? It stands for what`s up?

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i had $1 stolen out my car, @BankofAmerica wassup

When you really know wassup, there's no need to entertain what anyone else thinks.

@lilyachty wassup homie

Ayeee that's wassup!! Smart dude ;)


Hey wassup hello

Happy birthday @iamAvgeropoulos. The reincarnation of Hercules is a woman and you prove it daily. Tell Pegasus I said wassup. (Chewy)

"Yo man can I ask you something?" "Yeah wassup Andrew" "Why don't you pickoff man? It's so easy"

Hello, wassup

Me: I'll start baking the cake now Clock: It's 12am! You won't finish until at least 3 Me: No, I'll finish before then 3am: Wassup

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@ochocinco wassup homie???

Up studying my lines for new movie. 1st day of filming is tomorrow. Wanted to chat w/ yall. Wassup?

"Hey Pop (wassup) Let's slide (all right)" via @Mr_Camron on IG

Say wassup to your family check on ur bros check on your girl and focus on self improvement

If u gonna talk behind my back, at least don't try and say wassup to me. Pick a side.

[New Music] Lil Yachty x Chief Keef 'Like Wassup Remix' Available Now! DL Here: #MyMixtapez

hip hop heads know wassup

Taylor Gang gonna come out at Culture Clash like a YouTube tutorial. 'Hey wassup London!' Lol

Wassssup wassup


Most popular questions

What does wassup stand for?

wassup stands for "what's up?"

How to abbreviate "what's up?"?

"what's up?" can be abbreviated as wassup

What is the meaning of wassup abbreviation?

The meaning of wassup abbreviation is "what's up?"

What does wassup mean?

wassup as abbreviation means "what's up?"

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