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Be Like Me
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What does BLM mean? It stands for Be Like Me

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Watch this #MannequinChallenge about police brutality and #BLM by @simoneshepherd.

I don't understand the ppl who are backing Lil Wayne up. I've never dealt with any racial hatred but that doesn't mean that Ima neglect BLM

I don't know how people can separate BLM from rioters when it follows them everywhere. Plenty of other protest groups never have this occur.

Blood From Person Shot Tonight in "Peaceful" Liberal, Loving, Tolerant, BLM Protest in Uptown Charlotte

Armed Black Man Shot, Riots Ensue: How BLM Destroys American Unity, Puts Cops In Harm's Way

if the guy who killed two cops was a blm-supporting clinton voter it would be everywhere. but he's a confederate flag waving trump supporter

Potential Trump Homeland Security chief believes BLM-ISIS alliance is imminent:

#ScottGreene ambushes & kills two Iowa cops and national media acts like it's an afterthought. Black guy does it in NY, BLM created him. SMH

Habis sholat maghrib hehhehe kalian udh blm? Ini mau siap siap mau mandi wkwkwk mau mandi aja pake siap siap ya -_-

Kami tidak menerima komplain hadiah jika lewat dari batas waktu blm konfirmasi. #AlfamartFunWalk

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Udh pada sholat ashar blm????

You don't have to like BLM the brand, the alleged Soros funded organization, to acknowledge tht darker skin people r systemically oppressed.

White ppl wildin. Asian man wearing a BLM pin is disgraceful?

Black Woman Attacked By White Boyfriend For Supporting BLM And Not Trump - Bossip

Sen. Sherrod Brown is very pro-union, popular with white workers in his state & very supportive of BLM. #DoBoth

Sy sdh baca permohonan maaf dari @GrabID .. tapi permohonan maaf blm cukup, hrs lapor ke polisi sampe sang peretas ditangkap

Wow, the @yaf chapter at DePaul is calling out intersectional feminists and BLM for trying to curb free speech. Telling it like it is!

Untuk para pemenang kuis twitter Alfamart yg blm melakukan konfirmasi kami tunggu konfirmasi s/d tgl 20 Nov 2016.

11. Tahun 2016, Dana Desa meningkat Rp 46,9 T. Tiap desa dapatkan Rp 600-800 juta. Ini blm ditunjang dari APBD dan sektor lainnya.


Most popular questions

What does BLM stand for?

BLM stands for "Be Like Me"

How to abbreviate "Be Like Me"?

"Be Like Me" can be abbreviated as BLM

What is the meaning of BLM abbreviation?

The meaning of BLM abbreviation is "Be Like Me"

What does BLM mean?

BLM as abbreviation means "Be Like Me"

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