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Fuck you, idiot
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What does FYI mean? It stands for Fuck you, idiot

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Just FYI: At current count, Hillary Clinton won more than half of the popular vote. In other words, the majority of voters in USA chose her.

I am not the shooter, FYI.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (which is calling Steve Bannon a "white nationalist") also called Ben Carson a "right wing extremist." FYI.

This week we found 54/29 that voters nationally think the Times is more credible than you FYI

Just FYI, if you are scurrying around the internet trying to convince yourself that Trump can't win: You are wrong. Trump can win.

. @realDonaldTrump just FYI my husband actually has a real "locker room" job, and he doesn't speak like that.

Seeing an interesting side of @ScottBaio (just fyi --dictionary: a "disparaging and insulting term" for a woman)

Hey kids! I've never done any hard drugs and I still manage to have fun at parties. Crazy! I'm also still alive which is a plus. Just FYI.

Just FYI: There are plenty of regular, everyday Democrats who are voting Trump, not Clinton

I made a video explaining everything fyi

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#Obama named #Putin #KGB chief in frantic attack on #Trump. FYI Putin left KGB in 1991 w/ Lt. Col. rank

Hillary has called Bill Clinton's mistresses and victims worse things than Trump has ever called women, FYI. #TrumpTapes

hey Melania, just FYI women's rights and sexism in general IS an important issue facing our nation and world

Just an FYI, Sunday's game vs. Duquesne is on ESPNU, not ESPN.

You likely paid more for your cell phone than I did for my vest, FYI. Be mad, tho. & Bless up.

Every time you retweet Bill Mitchell, an angel gets shoved into a wood chipper. FYI.

It's May. 2016. FYI.

Thanks to Coach Bud for that last play. Overtime! FYI - Millsap is 19 for 29 and rest of Hawks are 17 for 60.

#MakeInIndia FDI FYI: India's FDI has risen by 44% to USD 63 bn (June '14 - Feb '16), says @nsitharaman. Here's more


Most popular questions

What does FYI stand for?

FYI stands for "Fuck you, idiot"

How to abbreviate "Fuck you, idiot"?

"Fuck you, idiot" can be abbreviated as FYI

What is the meaning of FYI abbreviation?

The meaning of FYI abbreviation is "Fuck you, idiot"

What does FYI mean?

FYI as abbreviation means "Fuck you, idiot"

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