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What does ROFL mean? It stands for Rolling on the floor laughing

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I feel like anytime mew2king gets sad the crowd should cheer something that mew2king likes. Like milk and cookies ROFL

Dimbleby: "Did you vote Leave to take your neighbour's job away?" Audience member: "No, I did it to take @EmilyThornberry's job away." ROFL.

@LiquidHbox @C9Mang0 @LegendofLucky "here we go again" like you didn't just start completely random drama telling mango how to spend $ ROFL

RT if LOl, and fav if ROFL. Lets get me to 200k before shroudy so I can make fun of him.

Who wants Bridgette to post a first look? Lmao, she's humiliated but I'll make her post it ROFL

When people think I don't know how to play Battlefield..... rofl. You're lucky the Virgin Gaming 1.6mil didn't happen young buck.

Ha ha ROFL

Ha Ha Ha .. ROFL .. SO.. #HajiAli won the case & Media was MISREPORTING - Women WONT be allowed to touch Tomb

This is the ultimate blame Nehru! Rofl.

twitch says i have 4k subs ROFL sick <3

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Shah Rukh Khan's attempt at speaking Bengali at the Kolkata Film Festival with make you ROFL

Beijing on Yellow Alert as Smog Envelops City, AQI "shoots up to 213" 213? ROFL. It's 785 in South Delhi now at 10am


Everytime i see desiigner turn up he reminds me of one them inflatable arm flailing balloons rofl

no wonder why dom hates d2 players rofl

@SFAT @C9Mang0 wait didnt u get 25th at evo??? ROFL

To anyone blaming Ice not getting in because he's not american is not true. n0ned isn't american ROFL

This election in a nutshell... Media: We've finally found the dirt that'll end Trump! Trump's Base: *sees report* ROFL Donald's the best!

haha lmao this is getting truly scary rofl


Most popular questions

What does ROFL stand for?

ROFL stands for "Rolling on the floor laughing"

How to abbreviate "Rolling on the floor laughing"?

"Rolling on the floor laughing" can be abbreviated as ROFL

What is the meaning of ROFL abbreviation?

The meaning of ROFL abbreviation is "Rolling on the floor laughing"

What does ROFL mean?

ROFL as abbreviation means "Rolling on the floor laughing"

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