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What does LED mean? It stands for law enforcement desk; light emitting diode

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The Democratic Party can no longer be led by the liberal elite. We have to stand up to Wall Street and the greed of corporate America.

A ground hold at Laguardia led to some football on the tarmac in Iowa. #GameOn

The Trump win was a revolution led by a woman-@KellyannePolls to give voice to working class Americans-those ppl whom I grew up with & love.

TO DO LIST Item #4: Everyone get out of ur happy delusional bubble that led u to relax & believe the election was going 2 turn out just fine

Putin advisor: Election of Clinton would have led to world war 3.

Must Read Account: Secret recordings led FBI feud in Clinton probe via @WSJ #MAGA #TrumpPence16 #TrumpTrain #Dobbs

Isaiah Thomas led all scorers tonight with 37 Pts. Who else got buckets?

Fake News: You mean like when CNN/ABC/CBS/NBC told us Saddam had WMD and it led to a million dead people?

Now, the real story here is what led to so many people choosing not to vote.

.@alcidesescobar2 led off #WorldSeries Game 1 one year ago today. Cue the #EskyMagic.

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My tribute to Bhagwan Birsa Munda on his jayanti.He fought with exemplary courage agnst the British &led the way for empowerment of tribals

If Hillary goes to prison, Anthony Weiner will be a national hero! Emails found in Weiner sexting investigation led FBI back to Hillary

In our final 2012 forecast, Obama led by 2+ points in states worth 303 EV. Currently, Clinton leads by 2+ points in states worth 272 EV.

'Led Zeppelin II' was released 47 years ago today. Inside the making of the LP

8. With "socialist Muslim birther" fervor at its peak, Obama's WWC approval tanked to around 25%. Who led the charge against him? TRUMP.

Any political entity led by Altaf Husain should not be allowed to operate in Pakistan.

As cronies led by Mallaya get loans written of by @TheOfficialSBI you queue for your own money! My take.

You've led a pretty blessed life.

Lobbyist for Dakota Access Formerly Led Army's "Restore Iraqi Oil" Program #NoDAPL


Most popular questions

What does LED stand for?

LED stands for "law enforcement desk; light emitting diode"

How to abbreviate "law enforcement desk; light emitting diode"?

"law enforcement desk; light emitting diode" can be abbreviated as LED

What is the meaning of LED abbreviation?

The meaning of LED abbreviation is "law enforcement desk; light emitting diode"

What does LED mean?

LED as abbreviation means "law enforcement desk; light emitting diode"

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