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What does NDA mean? It stands for Non-Disclosure Agreement

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Aftr 40+ yrs of neglct, #OROP ws implmntd by NDA govt - few key issues were reffrd 2 Justce Reddy cmmttee submttd report a few days ago!

Be it timely distribution of equipment, job opportunities & focus on accessibility, talked about initiatives of NDA Govt for Divyang welfare

A meeting between RG or the Delhi CM with the deceased veteran's family would have been a one news cycle story. Huge self goal by NDA Govt.

Russia begins 'anti-terror' exercise with Pak.Such strategic shift was impossible in Congress rule.Disastrous fallout of NDA foreign policy.

After Kargil war, General VP Malik had asked Vajpayee to stop NDA from using army images by @ajaishukla

Modi's NDA proudly gave Adnam Sami Indian citizenship & the Bhakts drooled with joy!!

Ministry of Food processing, under NDA government has achieved many milestones in just 2 years.

The work of this department, for the Dalits and marginalised, is now at the centre stage of the working of the NDA Government: PM

Infra for manufacturing much better under NDA government: Kumar Mangalam Birla NMApp

Yeni Krasnodar Stadyumu'nda scoreboard. Muazzam.

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Tourism can link the poor with economic mainstream of the country & NDA Govt is focused on that

What do you think of NDA Govt's historical step to fight corruption, black money & terrorism? Have your say!

Yes @ArvindKejriwal is running the govt in Punjab and also in Haryana! He's also the chief of the NDA! Bhakts!

Even if News Time Assam is banned to balance the NDTV ban by the NDA Govt , are we as a country comfortable with govt banning media ?

Don't be defensive, there is widespread support for demonetisation, PM Modi tells NDA allies

Like UPA, NDA Govt is fast turning into a Tower of Babel with santri and mantri talking rot and at cross-purposes.

The NDA Government has failed to check the rate of unemployment in the Country, despite their tall claims.

Businessman Rajeev Chandrasekhar appointed vice chairman of NDA in Kerala

It's notable that another thing Stone bragged about is that, unlike others, he's not bound to secrecy by a Trump NDA


Most popular questions

What does NDA stand for?

NDA stands for "Non-Disclosure Agreement"

How to abbreviate "Non-Disclosure Agreement"?

"Non-Disclosure Agreement" can be abbreviated as NDA

What is the meaning of NDA abbreviation?

The meaning of NDA abbreviation is "Non-Disclosure Agreement"

What does NDA mean?

NDA as abbreviation means "Non-Disclosure Agreement"

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