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What does IETF mean? It stands for Internet Engineering Task Force

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Retiring IETF veteran warns: Stop adding so many damn protocols

Interview mit Scott Bradner: Die IETF war immer schon politisch #IETF #IPv4

#ICANN Signs Service Level Agreement with RIRs and Finalizes 2016 Supplemental Agreement with IETF >

#ICANN Board passes resolutions adopting new Bylaws, approves IETF MoU and RIR-SLA

Wachwechsel in der IETF #IETF #Internetverwaltung

Lo digo @diariosevilla porque lo que entendemos por un hacker fue definido por el IETF tiempo ha

Most popular questions

What does IETF stand for?

IETF stands for "Internet Engineering Task Force"

How to abbreviate "Internet Engineering Task Force"?

"Internet Engineering Task Force" can be abbreviated as IETF

What is the meaning of IETF abbreviation?

The meaning of IETF abbreviation is "Internet Engineering Task Force"

What does IETF mean?

IETF as abbreviation means "Internet Engineering Task Force"

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