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What does PPP mean? It stands for Point-to-Point Protocol

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We now have four scientific polls on who won the debate: Morning Consult: Hillary +23 YouGov: Hillary +27 CNN: Hillary +25 PPP: Hillary +11

#PPP has demanded #APC on current situation.It is the governors job to forge national unity at this time.Politics can wait for another day.

Correction today I condoled with my own family Uncle JBs family's pain is my pain and entire PPP's pain

Difference between #Democracy #PPP & #Noonocracy #BrandNawazSharif

Press conference after visiting #QuettaAttack victims #ppp via @youtube

BREAKING NEWS! Despite garbage polling from firms like PPP showing Hillary with a 2 point FL lead, internal polling shows Trump up YUGE.

#PPP for a peaceful, prosperous & #progressive #Pakistan!

This is AMAZING. Trump now leads Hillary by 2 in a D+10!!! PPP poll of NC! Sample was 43/33/24, D/R/I. The bias is INSANE.

TRMS Exclusive: @Maddow unveils new PPP polling showing Trump's staggering unfavorability with minorities

Chairman #PPP @BBhuttoZardari offering condolences with the family of #JehangirBader at his residence in Lahore.

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Looking at Nawaz & PMLN managing this political challenge I now honestly miss Rehman Malik; despite all their failings PPP acted like a Govt

I read that the PPP poll said something like 60% thought trump was wrong to call Ms Universe fat. Um, he hired her to be thin. Sorry.

Chairman #PPP @BBhuttoZardari appointed Waqar Mehdi as General Secretary and Senator Aajiz Dhamra as Secretary Information of PPP #Sindh.

Chairman #PPP @BBhuttoZardari lauds PPP victories in Lala Musa, Renala Khurd, Rahim yar Khan

#PPP leaders from Karachi called on Chairman PPP @BBhuttoZardari

Chairman #PPP @BBhuttoZardari talks to media after condoling death of #JehangirBader

5K leaders n workers arrested from MQM in 3yrs, 138 missing, 66 EJK, 1200+ in jails, offices sealed n demolished under Govt's of PPP / PMLN.

New PPP national poll: Clinton: 42% Trump: 37% Johnson: 6% Stein: 4% McMullin: 1%

Congrats @NadeemAfzalChan @Qamarzkaira on become president n Gen Sec.both are honest and competent leaders #ppp


Most popular questions

What does PPP stand for?

PPP stands for "Point-to-Point Protocol"

How to abbreviate "Point-to-Point Protocol"?

"Point-to-Point Protocol" can be abbreviated as PPP

What is the meaning of PPP abbreviation?

The meaning of PPP abbreviation is "Point-to-Point Protocol"

What does PPP mean?

PPP as abbreviation means "Point-to-Point Protocol"

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