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Tweets Will Inform The Target Environment Rapidly
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What does TWITTER mean? It stands for Tweets Will Inform The Target Environment Rapidly

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Get off Twitter and do your homework!!! STOP GETTING DISTRACTED

When you scrollin through Twitter with trash wifi

me: drama's whack and anyone who gets involved in it can haul their asses back to preschool twitter: we have tea me:

Estoy de vuelta en Twitter. Me siento como cuando uno se vuelve a enamorar

Wtf Hayes... are u trying to be the next 'Dory' or 'Common White Girl' Twitter account ?


Bill Clinton's speeches aren't made for Twitter. You have to wait and listen until the end for the big payoff. And he certainly delivered.

Mga Dabarkads sa Twitter share niyo naman sa amin ang pictures niyo habang kasalo namin kayo sa tanghalian! #EBisLove

Unli PLUS sa Twitter, Update at i-share niyo sa amin mga Dabarkads ang Pictures niyo habang nanonood kayo ng Eat Bulaga! #EBisLove

Okay there is a new Twitter party everyday. Im annoyed. This is why we can't have nice things

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i have a feeling that this is some big ploy and taylor + kimye are laughing it up at a candle lit dinner by the ocean scrolling thru twitter

i feel like i know fan accounts for me so well i could divide them into this alignment chart based on twitter habits

Wow. Leicester winning the league triggered an 86% increase in normal Twitter activity in the UK... #havingaparty

Welcome to Hockey Twitter & #stlblues fandom, @soIoucity! Want to check out Game 3 live? It's on us! #WeAllBleedBlue

Thank you @twitter !

Work days are fun sometimes too @twitter

"achei seu twitter" #VelhoChico

Thank you for 2.7 million followers on Twitter! Love love love you guys! xo

BREAKING: Twitter is understood to have won NFL deal to stream Thursday night games


Most popular questions

What does TWITTER stand for?

TWITTER stands for "Tweets Will Inform The Target Environment Rapidly"

How to abbreviate "Tweets Will Inform The Target Environment Rapidly"?

"Tweets Will Inform The Target Environment Rapidly" can be abbreviated as TWITTER

What is the meaning of TWITTER abbreviation?

The meaning of TWITTER abbreviation is "Tweets Will Inform The Target Environment Rapidly"

What does TWITTER mean?

TWITTER as abbreviation means "Tweets Will Inform The Target Environment Rapidly"

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