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Never Ever Right Dude
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What does NERD mean? It stands for Never Ever Right Dude

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Look at dis nerd I gotta walk around with at blizzcon

For Halloween, I'm dressing as an anti-social nerd hunched for 10 hours in front of a game of Civilization 6.

Data nerd? Twitter can help us understand #climatechange opinions. Help them here >>>

Pence just tried to make fun of Kaine for PREPARING. "Sounds like you studied, nerd." #VPDebate

This three-dimensional desktop calendar is everything a geometry nerd could ever need.

Hot Nerd Alert! The Perfect #PowerRangers Proposal Just Happened:

My paper is about the modern acceptance of nerd culture. Here goes.

Kaine: [Makes a valid point.] Pence: LOL what did u do think of that before the debate NERD lmao

Can you borrow my book? (And more accurate book nerd charts:

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This 'Super Mario'-themed Airbnb is every Nintendo nerd's dream:

When you ain't study but cheated off a nerd and got a A- #LegendsofCH

Atlas Obscura Is the Book Every Travel Nerd Needs

Legislative Nerd Alert - handy dandy list of Ranking Senate Democrats in 115th Congress

"Weirdo is about otherness, both as a nerd & a PoC." Check out this great track from @sammusmusic's upcoming album:

@MrWoofless Read your phone nerd.

Segways are amazing. They transform you from a regular walking person into a floating nerd.

EDGE OF SEVENTEEN is a brilliant, cringe-inducing comedy that is among the most realistic "nerd" or "dork" deconstructions I've ever seen.

10 Nerdy Characters That Are Actually Bombshells


Most popular questions

What does NERD stand for?

NERD stands for "Never Ever Right Dude"

How to abbreviate "Never Ever Right Dude"?

"Never Ever Right Dude" can be abbreviated as NERD

What is the meaning of NERD abbreviation?

The meaning of NERD abbreviation is "Never Ever Right Dude"

What does NERD mean?

NERD as abbreviation means "Never Ever Right Dude"

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