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Father And Mother Interacting Lovingly Year-long
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What does FAMILY mean? It stands for Father And Mother Interacting Lovingly Year-long

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This man is 100% invited to the family BBQ. (via @msblingmiami_)

Today, progress is on the ballot. Go vote - then make sure your friends, your family, and everyone you know votes too.

I will be watching the election results from Trump Tower in Manhattan with my family and friends. Very exciting!

17 lives. They had a family,they had a son,they had a daughter. They were serving our motherland. Pains to see this.

at some point, those who've spent years demonizing President Obama have to face the fact that he's been a sterling exemplar of family values

The Sound of Music lost a beloved member of the family w/ the passing of Charmian Carr. She will be forever missed.

Be Happy IS OUT! #BeHappy it with your family and learn about depression

Looks like Chris Paul's entire family can run the point...(via @CP3)

Not sure how a party supports healthcare, living wages, = pay for women & paid family leave yet is told it ignores the white working-class.

Pray for Dream Kardashian. This poor innocent child was just born into the most Satanic and poisonous family in the history of Hollywood.

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so happy I was able to go home and do this with the family

Media Has Hissy Fit Over Trump Attending Private Dinner With His Family -

Clinton knew aides were working with family foundation, even hosted dinner at home while in office via @MailOnline

Tune in to @GMA now to watch the #Trump family interview.

Because every woman has the right to decide the size and timing of her family. #ThxBirthControl

RT round of applause for every member of #TheVoice family! #Emmys

At the airport to receive President Erdogan & his family.

.@RandPaul: "Trump is against the regulatory war on coal, the regulatory war on banks, family farms, hospitals."

BREAKING: Family: Singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen dies at age 82.


Most popular questions

What does FAMILY stand for?

FAMILY stands for "Father And Mother Interacting Lovingly Year-long"

How to abbreviate "Father And Mother Interacting Lovingly Year-long"?

"Father And Mother Interacting Lovingly Year-long" can be abbreviated as FAMILY

What is the meaning of FAMILY abbreviation?

The meaning of FAMILY abbreviation is "Father And Mother Interacting Lovingly Year-long"

What does FAMILY mean?

FAMILY as abbreviation means "Father And Mother Interacting Lovingly Year-long"

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