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Challenging Hours-long Ever Satisfying Strategy-game
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What does CHESS mean? It stands for Challenging Hours-long Ever Satisfying Strategy-game

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The chess team needed $5,000. Trump showed them a fake million-dollar bill. Then he gave $200 and took off.

.@Logic301 learned to play chess at age seven with convicts at a pre-release center while his mom was visiting his dad.

Former chess champ Garry Kasparov (@kasparov63) says Trump sounds a lot like Putin # via @HuffPostPol

"The one thing I do know about chess..." #DesignatedSurvivor

Checkers vs Chess.

Make yo next move yo chess move.

Who would win in a chess match between Al Qaeda and Bush? Al Qaeda wins Everytime cause Bush is missing two towers

Congrats to @vishy64theking on winning the #ChampionsShowdown. He played the best chess by a country mile!

European Court Finds Russia Violated Rights Of Chess Star Garry Kasparov

This magical chess board is the dream of chess fans everywhere.

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The Houdini of chess has escaped again at the World Championship:

dude is hugely unpopular, ignorant, scandal-ridden, compromised by foreign powers, and racist yeah, 12-dimensional chess is the way to go

trump just referred to "grand chess masters," saying "we don't have any of them." the u.s. actually has 90.

How Chess can help your business make 1 smart move at a time instead of looking for the big bold win. @hazzdesign

Alda & Oh Hello. A 10 year chess match ending in the best night of our lives. via @vulture

Draws and politics at the World Chess Championship:

When learning a chess opening, is it better to memorize the moves or understand the ideas?

You can stop forcing your children to play chess now. It doesn't make them smarter

World Chess Championship: political intrigue lurks as battle reaches midway via @guardian_sport


Most popular questions

What does CHESS stand for?

CHESS stands for "Challenging Hours-long Ever Satisfying Strategy-game"

How to abbreviate "Challenging Hours-long Ever Satisfying Strategy-game"?

"Challenging Hours-long Ever Satisfying Strategy-game" can be abbreviated as CHESS

What is the meaning of CHESS abbreviation?

The meaning of CHESS abbreviation is "Challenging Hours-long Ever Satisfying Strategy-game"

What does CHESS mean?

CHESS as abbreviation means "Challenging Hours-long Ever Satisfying Strategy-game"

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