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What does DEA mean? It stands for Drug Enforcement Administration (U.S. Department of Justice)

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Some of the Highlights from the media briefing by Secretary, DEA @DasShaktikanta in New Delhi today.

It has come to our notice that some people are coming again & again, banks to use indelible ink to stop multiple withdrawals: DEA secretary

Banks to remain open this Saturday and Sunday: DEA Secretary.

Banning a promising cure for opioid addiction is a bad idea:

Secretary,DEA & Governor,RBI will jointly brief media at 9pm today at Conference Hall,Shastri Bhawan on Govt's decision on Rs 500/1000 notes

#Kratom Patients Fight Planned #DEA Ban! - Federal government set to add the plant to schedule 1

LIVE| All denomination of currency notes will be reintroduced with new design & features:@DasShaktikanta, Secy DEA, @FinMinIndia

18 arrested in Wilmington area during LAPD, DEA sweep targeting gang with ties to the Mexican Mafia, authorities say

Appeal to the people not to believe the rumours that are being spread on social media about certain institutions going on strike: DEA Secy

Indelible ink mark concept to start today in major cities: DEA Secretary Shaktikanta Das #BlackmoneyDebate

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Bank branches to use indelible ink marks on those who exchange old notes for new ones: DEA Secy #BlackmoneyDebate

Give us specific instances of govt hospitals & pharmacies not accepting old currency, action will be initiated: DEA Secy #BlackmoneyDebate

Situation is improving day by day; sure that it will ease out in the coming days, says DEA Secy Shaktikant Das #BlackmoneyDebate


What happens if the majority of the states legalize weed but federally the DEA doesnt reschedule it?

Bom dea galerinha <3

Top-up Dons James Kelly and Matt Dea have officially been signed by the Bombers.

Drug used to sedate elephants now linked to dozens of deaths In South Florida. #FL #Drugs #DEA

List updates: Bombers confirm James Kelly and Matt Dea will be at the club next year.


Most popular questions

What does DEA stand for?

DEA stands for "Drug Enforcement Administration (U.S. Department of Justice)"

How to abbreviate "Drug Enforcement Administration (U.S. Department of Justice)"?

"Drug Enforcement Administration (U.S. Department of Justice)" can be abbreviated as DEA

What is the meaning of DEA abbreviation?

The meaning of DEA abbreviation is "Drug Enforcement Administration (U.S. Department of Justice)"

What does DEA mean?

DEA as abbreviation means "Drug Enforcement Administration (U.S. Department of Justice)"

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