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What does POC mean? It stands for Point Of Contact

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Well, I can't watch anymore. This is a very sad day and I am utterly disappointed. LGBTQ+, POC, women, muslims & disabled people, be strong.

to fellow ladies & LGBT folks, POC, immigrants, and muslims scared for their future: you are loved. you are not alone. we. will. fight this.

Twitter segregation is here. Under their rules disagreeing with a woman, POC, trans, etc. is harassment.

3) Tokenistic Fallacy: assumes that the presence of POC in influential positions is evidence of the eradication of racism (ie Oprah, Obama).

Guys I don't wanna hear about people who get suspended after arguing with feminists. I warned you. DO NOT talk to POC/women on Twitter.

4) Ahistorical Fallacy: believes the period when basic rights were not extended to POC is inconsequential today. (ie "but slavery is over").

This is the most diverse Congress in our history, & it's 80% white. PoC NEED apply. #CongressSoWhite #HealAmerica

Man. This year, everything PoC have been gaslit for saying is true about America for decades became visible to white folks.

The white left that thinks POC should be grateful for any representation isn't better than the white right that thinks we should be silent.

White people cannot leave conversations about race to POC. Racism is our invention. It is our duty to fix it & we are the only ones who can.

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Lol. Y'all haven't learned the selfie lesson yet? Find a few POC and just sprinkle them about...

Beyond troubled by the centering of white "working class" voters this election opposed to the massive vote suppression of PoC of all classes

Sick of seeing white congressmen ignore the voices of POC on the news. Every day, another debate, more deflection. "We don't have a problem"

In the Trump Era, we must work to protect trans people, Muslims, Jewish people, POC, LGBTQ people, scientists, repro health workers, etc.

This premise that it's the fault of the left and PoC that Trump voters aren't convinced we need an economy for all needs reconsideration.

i swear suburban poc annoy tf outta me. u really think u the only ones watching anime, being nerdy or listening to rock. stfu.

I've had enough. Not going to stay silent & watch "political leaders" vilify indigenous people, Muslims, refugees & all #POC. Fight is on.

if Democrats can't speak to & about the dignity & worth of POC, immigrants, LGBT people, religious minorities, they don't deserve our votes.

As opposed to #safetypinsolidarity, consider actually helping POC improve their lives


Most popular questions

What does POC stand for?

POC stands for "Point Of Contact"

How to abbreviate "Point Of Contact"?

"Point Of Contact" can be abbreviated as POC

What is the meaning of POC abbreviation?

The meaning of POC abbreviation is "Point Of Contact"

What does POC mean?

POC as abbreviation means "Point Of Contact"

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