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Pretty Intelligent Guy
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What does PIG mean? It stands for Pretty Intelligent Guy

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Next time, @realDonaldTrump, you congratulate yourself after a murder - you psychopath - spell the name right #Pig

WOO PIG SOOIE! No. 22 Arkansas upsets No. 12 Ole Miss in a thriller to get a huge SEC West division win.

Trump vs Clinton (by Prissy pig) #Election #Election2016

TODAY in Trafalgar Square: If you wouldn't eat a dog, why eat a pig?

This is NOTHING like Brexit. Voting for UK sovereignty is NOT the same as voting for a racist, sexist, ignorant pig as US President.

"The campaign became a battle of 2 caricatures: male chauvinist pig against scheming, dishonest woman"

The scary part is how many people in this country actually voted for a sexist, racist, pig. May God protect our children. #WeGottaDoBetter

Watch how loved Koa the rescue pig is now & try not to cry. #FriendsNotFood

Trumpster Pig: "I'm not taking the presidential salary because I've got a little tax problem".

Scientists from the U.S. and Germany have succeeded in keeping transplanted pig hearts alive in baboons for a record 2.5 years.

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The fact that President Obama has to shake the hand of a racist pig who harassed him for eight years just makes me want to puke.

"I refuse to put lipstick on this pig."

from @jkirchick, who refuses to put lipstick on a pig

These adorable pigs will help you get through today! #MondayMotivation

read @jkirchick on Trump's election: "I refuse to put lipstick on this pig."

Pregnant pig proves all babies are beautiful with adorable maternity shoot via @PEOPLEPets

A lamb inside of a pig inside of a cow. Because take that, turducken.

Let no #pig stand in your way! #TuesdayMotivation

God forbid someone makes fun of the buttered pig with the three dollar haircut.


Most popular questions

What does PIG stand for?

PIG stands for "Pretty Intelligent Guy"

How to abbreviate "Pretty Intelligent Guy"?

"Pretty Intelligent Guy" can be abbreviated as PIG

What is the meaning of PIG abbreviation?

The meaning of PIG abbreviation is "Pretty Intelligent Guy"

What does PIG mean?

PIG as abbreviation means "Pretty Intelligent Guy"

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