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What does SPEC mean? It stands for Specification

Comments having SPEC

Fernando models his #JapaneseGP spec helmet for this weekend...

You're a spec of a dust on a ball flying through the universe and you're only here for a fraction of a fraction of time. So like... yolo.

With NX coming, Nintendo cares about games, not specs.

Gut reaction: That conference was terrible at convincing us PS4 Pro is worth it. Lots of spec droning, very little about practical benefits.

London (that southern blue spec) vs. everybody else in England. (Via @CNN) #Brexit

Total military victory for Assad will leave Syria, Europe exposed to Sunni terrorism,says UN spec envoy for Syria.

Five stars! And not a mention of writer @HIGHzurrer who wrote the whole thing on spec and hustled it into existence.

Also also, the sky. We're literally so irrelevant! Past the sky there are SO many planets and galaxies and we're just a spec of dust really

Excellent analysis of US Covert Ops in Syria w Spec Forces vet @JackMurphyRGR interviewed by @BradRHoff via @YouTube

Could We Start Again Please?Informed spec now is that @OpenAirTheatre great #JesusChristSuperstar will return to R.Park next year & then W.E

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Announcing: Touch Launch, Santa Cruz Prototype, Min Spec, 400+ Mobile VR Apps, and More!

HP spawns can be adjusted, first round spec glitch needs to be patched, bullets bouncing needs to be off for comp, toggling as well.

256GB iPhone 7 Plus with Lightning EarPods leaked in spec sheet

The writer of Spec Ops: The Line and FEAR is writing the new Resident Evil!

Visit the forums for a chance to win Unstable Iso-8 for the upcoming #MAA1 Spec Op!

Pirelli plans introduction of new slick tyre spec for Malaysia. But all teams have to agree. AMuS (in German):

75 min to convert cars from graval to asphalt spec #wrc #RallyRACC

iPhone 7 vs Galaxy S7 spec shootout: Two impressive devices

Tired of sizing images for multiple social networks? @pinojo's spec works across major platforms. #DigitalMarketing


Most popular questions

What does SPEC stand for?

SPEC stands for "Specification"

How to abbreviate "Specification"?

"Specification" can be abbreviated as SPEC

What is the meaning of SPEC abbreviation?

The meaning of SPEC abbreviation is "Specification"

What does SPEC mean?

SPEC as abbreviation means "Specification"

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