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What does USB mean? It stands for Universal Serial Bus

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Seems like we can all agree: With no SD card slot or full-size USB, the new baseline 13" MacBook Pro should just be called the 13" MacBook.

Warning: USB-C is (currently) like a trip back to the early days of USB 1.0 in 1999

Apple cuts USB-C adapter prices in response to MacBook Pro complaints

If you want to avoid USB-C dongles, I have this little hub for my MacBook and it rocks.

For all those who like USB C, the new Razer Blade Pro has it. Oh, and USB 3 ports.....and an SD card slot. Just saying.

Este USB te dice si tienes VIH en menos de 30 minutos

Police warn of shady USB drives believed to be "extremely harmful" appearing in mailboxes

For $56 you can buy a USB stick that destroys every device it touches:

A USB stick that can test HIV levels in under 30 minutes

no matter how early my uncle pulls up to my moms crib.. im not buying whatever usb y'all using to steal movies .:

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It would be great if Apple stopped taking away necessary components for musicians like headphone and USB ports

#PSA Don't use random USB sticks that you find or get as a #free #gift #IT101

Cops warn of malware-infected USB sticks placed in mailboxes

Qualcomm Quick Charge 4.0 is 20% faster and plays nice with USB-C

Removable media such as USB's and SD cards account for 30% of malware infections. #Infosec

If you're looking for a solid USB mic for portable use, the adorable Blue Raspberry is it:

This Simple USB Device Can Install a Backdoor on Your Locked PC

HIV test on USB stick could be start of consumer revolution

Nunca introduzcas en tu ordenador una memoria USB que encuentres por la calle


Most popular questions

What does USB stand for?

USB stands for "Universal Serial Bus"

How to abbreviate "Universal Serial Bus"?

"Universal Serial Bus" can be abbreviated as USB

What is the meaning of USB abbreviation?

The meaning of USB abbreviation is "Universal Serial Bus"

What does USB mean?

USB as abbreviation means "Universal Serial Bus"

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