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What does W/E mean? It stands for Weekend

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@howelldoyouknow we were thinking what to call it and phil suggested it as a joke but it made us laugh so much we thought w/e thats the name

i don't need a whole article it's 1. dr. cox 2. carla (not a doctor but w/e) 3. jd & turk 4. elliot reed 5. kelso

Superb hospitality from Mr & Mrs E today at their coffee farm including a long, frank interview. On SkyF1 this w/end

Idk. w/e

Also late night peeps, I really liked this @doddleoddle video on sponsored videos so check it you're bored or w/e

@JakeBoys go talk to all your other 97 hoes idc w/e

In America: doesent matter if ur black, white, Latino, rich, poor ,or w/e we all have a common denominator. Starbucks.

Enjoy the ocean Richie cos soon you'll be at an indoor pool on a w/e morning in the 'burbs watching a 5YO in floaties. PS No. #thebachelorau


Valencia-Barcelona, Madrid-Athletic, Sevilla-Atletico, Galicia derby. Next w/e is very tasty. (But selfishly I'd prefer them spread out)

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Off to the coast this #BankHoliday w/e? Why not take part in #SeaweedSearch while there?

we get harassed through the election and sent pictures of concentration camps and the president elect's son is a literal nazi but w/e right

yall out here like "this coffee is giving me life" or w/e but you know whats really giving you life? God. Thats right, The G Man. Bless

A) yes. B) no, political candidates who helped lead it for years don't get to say one "meh, w/e," then move on.

Did you hear the sound of racist and misogynist Twitter trolls' internal screaming? Probs the sound that will accompany this week, but w/e.

Start your w/e at our Yoga Coffee Morning and enjoy the peace & tranquillity of our garden

I'm a Democrat, but it would be nice to have competent, thoughtful Republicans, so we can actually solve issues, instead of w/e this is.

When you leave EG right before they implode (or w/e is happening to the org)

Keep it KIIS all W/E for tix to biggest music fest in the world @iHeartRadioAU Music Festival in VEGAS @pitbull


Most popular questions

What does W/E stand for?

W/E stands for "Weekend"

How to abbreviate "Weekend"?

"Weekend" can be abbreviated as W/E

What is the meaning of W/E abbreviation?

The meaning of W/E abbreviation is "Weekend"

What does W/E mean?

W/E as abbreviation means "Weekend"

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