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What does WAB mean? It stands for Windows Address Book

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.@WabKinew nominated for Dayton Literary Peace Prize:

.@WabKinew wins Kobo Emerging Writer Prize for his memoir, 'The Reason You Walk'

NDP MLA Wab Kinew blows the whistle on NDP caucus and Nahanni Fontaine #mbpoli

NDP MLA Wab Kinew calls out Steinbach school trustees over LGBT comments

.@WabKinew is the only Canadian nominated for the Dayton Literary Peace Prize:

NDP MLA Wab Kinew says he heard members of his caucus single out female PC politicians for shouts of shame. #cbcmb

Column coming on how NDP caucus lied today about targeting female Tory MLAs during a round of heckling, and how Wab Kinew told the truth

While Wabtec $WAB Got Whacked Today, Worst Is Yet To Come

NDP Wab Kinew wins Fort Rouge. Liberal leader Rana Bokhari defeated. (@bkives)

New poll: Tight three-way race in Fort Rouge. Wab Kinew in third place. Tories have a chance.

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Today I talked to @CFRAOttawa about sexual violence in lyrics and Wab Kinew. #mbpoli

Misogynist lyrics follow Wab Kinew along Manitoba campaign trail

'I've been an open book': NDP's Wab Kinew responds to Twitter controversy

.@WabKinew explains systemic racism: "You can't deny the facts"

NDP MLA Wab Kinew rises for a first question of his career at Manitoba Legislature. #cbcmb

.@WabKinew explains systemic racism: "You can't deny the facts"

He go wab wab.


Most popular questions

What does WAB stand for?

WAB stands for "Windows Address Book"

How to abbreviate "Windows Address Book"?

"Windows Address Book" can be abbreviated as WAB

What is the meaning of WAB abbreviation?

The meaning of WAB abbreviation is "Windows Address Book"

What does WAB mean?

WAB as abbreviation means "Windows Address Book"

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