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What does WLD mean? It stands for Would

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that clinton partisans actually think "Sanders was struggling & poor in his 20s" wld have been a GOP attack in 2016 is exactly why they lost

In first speech PM said ATMs wld be functional in 2 days. Then ystr FM says wait 2 weeks. And today PM says it will take 50 days. Acche din!

This wld be the big reveal. On last day, Trump pulls off the mask. And it's Donald Trump.

Making Bolton Secretary of State wld be like making Michele Bachmann a Professor of Logic or Jerry Sandusky policy director for HeadStart.

Small businessmen,workers need not worry abt small amt of deposits up to Rs.1.5 or 2 lacs,since it wld be below taxable income-Revenue Secy

@kerrywashington Wanted to make sure you saw our #NastyWomen sticker-best part? ITS FREE! wld love if you cld share!

I doubt the media wld hv dared broadcast letter incriminating Varun Gandhi without BJP's clearance. Varun Gandhi getting too popular in UP.

Dystopia dominates Amazon classics list: Fahrenheit 451 (3 editions), It Can't Happen Here (2), 1984 (3), Animal Farm (2), Brave New Wld (2)

I honestly believe @SenSanders wld have defeated Trump, had #Heilary nt cheated him out of th nomination, or if #Deminists cared4 integrity.

#Trump is a man w balls. Mrs Trump knows how to dress2 send a msg-she wore a coat2 meet Michelle knew no real hospitality wld b shown2 her.

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What Could Be Worse Than Repealing All of Obamacare? Does anyone know how many wld lose insurance in PA, MI and WI?

Not sure this is true. But a wld be strongman who is clearly a mentally unstable abuser is getting real close.

Big flaw with a 2nd ref is it wld give EU every incentive to give UK a poor deal, so voters wld reject #Brexit

The burials found in Great Ryburgh are exciting enough - but how moving it wld be if there were indeed a church too

Finally re NF. He made EUref happen but Remain wld've won if he'd fronted Leave. But Tweeps,he isn't Hitler/BinLaden

"From the beginning of her campaign, Clinton & her team saw untapped potential in the 27M Hispanics who wld be eligible to vote in 2016."

Woke Soyinka said he wld cut up his green card if Trump- now says 'why don't we wait till he's inaugurated'

35 states spend less on public ed than they did in 2008-Large scale voucher programs wld worsen that. #2016education

Shoudl've known Bryson Tiller wld be the 1st to list Bey forgiving Jay as a reason he shld be forgiven for his mistakes on a song lol.


Most popular questions

What does WLD stand for?

WLD stands for "Would"

How to abbreviate "Would"?

"Would" can be abbreviated as WLD

What is the meaning of WLD abbreviation?

The meaning of WLD abbreviation is "Would"

What does WLD mean?

WLD as abbreviation means "Would"

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