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What does DCOM mean? It stands for Distributed Component Object Model

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The iconic blues club scene from #AdventuresinBabysitting is re-imagined in the 100th DCOM premiering 6/24 at 8 p.m.

Tfw you realize @DoveCameron is a #DCOM queen starring in two epic movies! See more >>

We love this exclusive video of @OfficialFIYM rehearsing their amazing DCOM medley!

A Ton Of Disney Channel Original Movie Stars Reunited For The 100th DCOM

A Ton Of Disney Channel Original Movie Stars Reunited For The 100th DCOM

An encore airing of the 100th DCOM #AdventuresinBabysitting will be presented at 11:00 a.m. on #DisneyChannel

The upcoming DCOM #TheSwap starring @PeytonList & @jb_mixmatch premieres Friday, October 7 at 8pm part of #Monstober

Did the Lawrence brothers build the DCOM empire? They'd like to think so:

That time @PeytonList & @jb_mixmatch swapped lives! The trailer for the upcoming DCOM #TheSwap is available now

12 Halloween DCOM Moments That Traumatized You For Life

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Congratulations to our girl @PeytonList and co-star @jb_mixmatch on CRUSHING the premiere of their #DCOM #TheSwap!

Let's just take a moment to let this soak in. More of your fave #DCOM guys then & now >>

Tons of your favorite #DCOM stars reunited on the red carpet! See the pics >>

Tuffatevi nel centesimo #DCOM in compagnia di @SofiaCarson e @SabrinaAnnLynn dopodomani alle 14, su Disney Channel!

.@ChristyRomano Had The Most Epic DCOM Reunion:

.@Jacob5828 asked: Favorite #DCOM? @KevinGQuinn1 @PeytonList @skaijackson @TheKaranBrar @TheMirandaMay #AskBUNKD

#OpAtalanta's DCOM & French Forces in Djibouti strengthen cooperation in fight against piracy off coast of #Somalia

#tbt DCOM prom in Salt Lake City with the eternal hubby cbrosk123

If you could be in an old DCOM what would it be? @PeytonList @skaijackson @TheKaranBrar @TheMirandaMay @KevinGQuinn1 #AskBUNKD


Most popular questions

What does DCOM stand for?

DCOM stands for "Distributed Component Object Model"

How to abbreviate "Distributed Component Object Model"?

"Distributed Component Object Model" can be abbreviated as DCOM

What is the meaning of DCOM abbreviation?

The meaning of DCOM abbreviation is "Distributed Component Object Model"

What does DCOM mean?

DCOM as abbreviation means "Distributed Component Object Model"

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