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What does fave mean? It stands for favorite

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Please retweet or fave if you would like me to recreate?

Squeeze is my all time fave off the album because of the faces I see light up in the crowd & the genuine interaction between -

FAM!!! Today is the LAST DAY to vote for our fave at the #AMAs! Get your tweets out there for @selenagomez as Artist Of The Year!

One of my fave shots ever. #BadAssPLLs

honestly drunk texts are 1 of my fave things bc its like?? u remember me?? u think of me when ur drunk? I dont even think about me sometimes

Okay its going to take around an hour to upload In the mean time, whats been your fave video of mine recently? send me a screen shot of it

i got a bunch of really weird celebrity perfumes that have been discontinued. if u wanna see me smell them on camera and possible die, FAVE!

RT or fave if you have paid taxes sometime since 1995.

Look at ya'lls fave. Oh yes, there are sides. And your favs keep picking the side they're on.

We need your vote! #Lucifer has been nominated for "Fave TV Crime Drama" for People's Choice Awards! Please RT!

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Ooooooh the little Robin! I was worried for a minute there! Might be my current fave #HomeForChristmas

Tag us in a fave photo @WipeHomophobia and we will rt as many as poss so that #GaysTakeOverTheInternet in September.

See my fave content from my app this week!

5: One of my fave @ChrisisSingin and @Lin_Manuel stories:

The new Stadium Mock Neck Pullover = #1 campus fave! Trust: you'll be living in this.

Made @sardesairajdeep 's day! While at Delhi airport a well wisher sends him his fave brownie and ice cream!

I'm sharing my FAVE K-Cup Pods for fall on the blog today! #CaffeLatte #Kcup #Starbucks #CoffeeAtHome #ad #Coffee

Tag us in a fave photo @WipeHomophobia and we will rt as many as poss so that #GaysTakeOverTheInternet in September.

Have you been to any of the San Myshuno festivals yet? Which is your fave? #TS4CityLiving


Most popular questions

What does fave stand for?

fave stands for "favorite"

How to abbreviate "favorite"?

"favorite" can be abbreviated as fave

What is the meaning of fave abbreviation?

The meaning of fave abbreviation is "favorite"

What does fave mean?

fave as abbreviation means "favorite"

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