What does GOTTA mean in Governmental & Military

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Got to ..." or "Have you got a ...?
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What does GOTTA mean? It stands for Got to ...

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Had the pleasure of watching my fellow Mullingar men @TheAcademic in London tonight .. ya gotta see them , quality!

I dont always gotta smash but ima need that bacc rub babe.

.@realDonaldTrump don't make your acceptance speech too long! Gotta be up early for your RAPE trial tomorrow.

when u really gotta repaint ur nails ://

tryna nap but I got a room service burger on the way so I gotta stay woke someone talk 2 me how is school guys

Life is a ride and you gotta keep moving! Presenting, #DearZindagiFirstLook

we ain't gotta tell nobody

You can't change anyone who doesn't see an issue in their actions, that's the type of person you gotta fall back on.

When you gotta make sure she's not "With Her" or she'll be "With Immigration." #ElectionDay

Sometimes you gotta shut down all the fun, get your money right, and get yourself together.

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You gotta understand everyone ain't got the same mind and heart as you. #theyforgot

Jumped off the porch, but I landed on my feet. Heard it's real in the field, I went and bought a set of cleats. I gotta go to work.

When somebody say "give trump a chance" I really hear "give racism a chance" which is honestly kinda catchy. GOP gotta run with that

Sometimes,you gotta be the one to set yourself free. #DearZindagiTake4: Set Free is out now!In cinemas Nov 25.

It's just @Goldberg and @BrockLesnar now! Something's gotta give... #RAW #GoldbergvsBrock

like wtf lol snapchat disappears in 24 hours you gotta vlog that shiz

Knee deep in the water somewhere, @zacbrownband is coming to #CBMF2017 & ya'll gotta SHARE!

Just gotta keep telling myself -- everything happens for a reason

It's a dirty job but someone's gotta clean up the Virtual Reality poop in Pipejob!


Most popular questions

What does GOTTA stand for?

GOTTA stands for "Got to ..." or "Have you got a ...?"

How to abbreviate "Got to ..." or "Have you got a ...?"?

"Got to ..." or "Have you got a ...?" can be abbreviated as GOTTA

What is the meaning of GOTTA abbreviation?

The meaning of GOTTA abbreviation is "Got to ..." or "Have you got a ...?"

What does GOTTA mean?

GOTTA as abbreviation means "Got to ..." or "Have you got a ...?"