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Very happy, excited
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What does STOKED mean? It stands for Very happy, excited

Comments having STOKED

Cool GF bumper on @DisneyXD! Always stoked when I see stuff like this

Christmas music is already playing in stores and I am STOKED

Just waking up. Ugh. Had a dream that the Vikings lost to the Bears. Ha. Like embarrassing. Anyway, Happy Halloween. Stoked for the game.

I'm stoked to take over the @journeys ' IG for the day!! Go check it out and leave your comments!

See you tonight San Fran!! I'm so stoked to start this tour with you guys!!! #MadeToDestroyTour

We were stoked to cover MCR's "Famous Last Words"!

Just downloaded Ella Enchanted, Ice Princess and Confessions of a Teenager Drama Queen to rewatch on tour. 12 year old me is stoked.

Day off in Hamburg. Stoked for the show tomorrow! #EuropeanVacation

my bad y'all never meant to diminish anyone's right to be upset, i wouldn't be stoked if i saw tons of kids dressing as jewish caricatures

UFC 205 Tonight soooo stoked

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Yooo guess who made @Spotify Discover Weekly? We love you guys! So stoked on see "Fool" making moves.

Not at MLG Orlando cause I'm part of my god mothers wedding next week Super stoked to see my family and friends so I'm making vids for it

I pound drums as hard as these dudes at @ufc pound faces! So stoked for this!! #ufc205 let's gooooo!!!

So STOKED to play with these guys all season! #ThisShowIsCool #WatchIt

So stoked to share this: a new TED talk (in a terrific new format for TED) based on my book Wonderland via @TEDTalks

7. The Title IX crisis is a case in point. Obama admin letters stoked a culture war. All of it can be undone in one afternoon by Trump.

Big hand from the appreciative Wrigley crowd. Stoked to see their Cubs string a few hits together. All started with Bryant.

Media stoked fear of a Trump presidency. Now we have chaos

Father John Misty not stoked about @NBCTheVoice contestant covering his song


Most popular questions

What does STOKED stand for?

STOKED stands for "Very happy, excited"

How to abbreviate "Very happy, excited"?

"Very happy, excited" can be abbreviated as STOKED

What is the meaning of STOKED abbreviation?

The meaning of STOKED abbreviation is "Very happy, excited"

What does STOKED mean?

STOKED as abbreviation means "Very happy, excited"

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