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What does SMFH mean? It stands for Shaking My Fucking Head

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This is disgraceful smfh and people wonder why we hate feds this is disgusting

Bruh ..... We were shooting a skit using fake props . Give me a break . Smfh she's being so extra

the fact that nobody invited jonah hill to fashion week is a absolute failure smfh

Of course. SMFH

#AltonSterling smfh

man vineyard vines already cooked u hypebeast fuccboi's already ruined it smfh

Sad part is we Americans pay the police salaries through taxes. Take our money pay the police they get a badge and kill us. Smfh!

Mannn I hope trump don't win this election. Smfh...

Wolf Blitzer is the P Diddy of news. It may work for entertainment but I see this WolfDude dancing up to Trump like he the new Biggie smfh

Y'all see what I mean... #welcomethetrumps #smfh

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It's offensive & dangerous to be made into some sort of bad guy when you're really just existing. Smfh

I cant keep losing like this... I need a duo,3v3 squad and 4v4 squad smfh

I rate those that think chem styles are useless. Same type of dudes that be like "OMG HOW IS KOSCIELNY KEEPING UP WITH RONALDO" smfh xD

I'll legit be lucky to get Gold 1 this week. Currently 17-9 after 26 games. I only lost 11 all last weekend, and I'm already 9 deep. smfh

(Video) SMFH Lil Bibby Claims He Wouldn't Snitch If They Killed His Mother - #IFWT

I'm a Knight of the Abstract Victim. I don't have time to worry about Actual Citizens harmed by my noble actions. smFh

Yep, grammar and rhetoric. And that makes "journalists" experts on every topic. smFh

damn, trying to figure out which seats are the best deal for Kobe's last game... hmmm smfh

The mans death was just announced and ppl already posting links to interviews they did with him to promote themselves. Smfh the game is cold


Most popular questions

What does SMFH stand for?

SMFH stands for "Shaking My Fucking Head"

How to abbreviate "Shaking My Fucking Head"?

"Shaking My Fucking Head" can be abbreviated as SMFH

What is the meaning of SMFH abbreviation?

The meaning of SMFH abbreviation is "Shaking My Fucking Head"

What does SMFH mean?

SMFH as abbreviation means "Shaking My Fucking Head"

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