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What does Req mean? It stands for Require

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Admin : #STR is at Bangkok for #Thallipogathey shoot & has not given any statements on #CauveryIssue Req to avoid any unofficial statements.

The media is so damned stupid, they thought Trump was going to get Mexico to send him a check. It's like tax withholding - no check req'd.

97% transaction in India is cash,86% notes were 1000/500,est 5-mth req for replacing! Aam Aadmi suffers,no black-money hoarder in any queue!

The Party has req the @FinMinIndia to extend the deadline of use of demonitised notes for utility payments and exchange till 30th December

Hybrid/ Electric buses will help us be env friendly. Standing Committee Chairman on my req kept aside 10 cr for Hybrid Buses by BEST

Has the public given sufficient thought to what it means that a pre-req for POTUS is the ability to hire 7,000 people in two months or so.

Demonetisation has been a debacle due to Govt's incompetence. There's no way people will tolerate 2 or 3 weeks of this chaos. Rethink req'd.

Genetically modified food. Designer babies. Supersoldiers. Everything You Should Know About #CRISPR, No PhD req'd.

For health's sake, get your children good and dirty (sub req'd) @WSJhealth

Even drive thru fast food outlets don't have to be soul destroying. Here's what happens when planning laws req hort:

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5 strike teams just completed 12-hr shift when req to assist in the hospital evacs #HurricaneMatthew

FYI: Funding for european open data startups. 3 days till deadline. Up to 100k. No crazy req. Apply: Ask: @vavoida

On the water this weekend? Make sure you have the req'd safety equip, including a working PFD for everyone on board.

Access to subscriber info, mandated interception capabilities & decryption req back on Cdn policy agenda

Batman: The Telltake Series: Episode 1 (XB1/360 Digital) Free (XBL Gold Req'd)

Administrator req'd for innovative camera support systems co for film and TV industry, in Greenwich. Closes 19/10

Memories of Reach REQ reveal, matchmaking preferences, & more in the new Community Update!

Get a closer look at all of the new REQ content coming in Memories of Reach! #HaloLivestream

People are actually selling Spartan Company slots on eBay for the Achilles armour req pack.


Most popular questions

What does Req stand for?

Req stands for "Require"

How to abbreviate "Require"?

"Require" can be abbreviated as Req

What is the meaning of Req abbreviation?

The meaning of Req abbreviation is "Require"

What does Req mean?

Req as abbreviation means "Require"

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