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Picture of yourself, usually taken by yourself
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What does SELFIE mean? It stands for Picture of yourself, usually taken by yourself

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if you have your own selfie set as your lock screen you stress me out

What? National Selfie Day?! alright... :) #mikeanddaveneedweddingdates #adventures #july8

RETWEET FOR A RANDOM SELFIE DM! ima scroll thru and randomly select some lucky people to send dms to ;)

My selfie during the first pitch of the 2016 World Series Cubs-Indians #rallytogether

My mom just took a snapchat selfie w/ the flight attendant.... she's gotta go

On trend with the no handed selfie

got a case of the awkward selfie hand

Straight after that dressing room selfie, Spain did their own #MannequinChallenge in response to England's

Hey, look! I took a selfie to support #fightpovertysc and now the devil is sad! Join me at

JUST IN: Justin Timberlake Breaks Law by Taking Selfie While Voting, DA Investigating -

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Here's the next activity! Send us a selfie when you spot Mr. Hinx in the movie! #SpectreOnMN

Les prix de Matt Pokora au #NMA2016 -meilleur artiste -meilleur single -meilleur clip -meilleur jean -meilleur parfum -meilleur selfie

Leonard @_fournette tonight: - 17 carries - 98 rush yards - 3 touchdowns - 1 selfie

Where the hell do you look on a selfie camera

.@NiallOfficial posted this selfie on @Snapchat and everyone went crazy for one reason

Twitter... talk to me! RT for selfie... like for no selfie?! Arsenal fans I wanna hear ya....

Ok Kim, you had a big ring nicked. Get over it already. Move on. Take a nude selfie and feel better

RT if you agree it's weird for a 46 year old man to cyber-panhandle for retweets like a teenage girl's selfie.

Basta selfie!! @mikasounds @mikamusic_it #CasaMika #Rai2 @OfficialSting


Most popular questions

What does SELFIE stand for?

SELFIE stands for "Picture of yourself, usually taken by yourself"

How to abbreviate "Picture of yourself, usually taken by yourself"?

"Picture of yourself, usually taken by yourself" can be abbreviated as SELFIE

What is the meaning of SELFIE abbreviation?

The meaning of SELFIE abbreviation is "Picture of yourself, usually taken by yourself"

What does SELFIE mean?

SELFIE as abbreviation means "Picture of yourself, usually taken by yourself"

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