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What does CO mean? It stands for Commanding officer

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rip vine. this last suh is for u

I took this exactly 1 year ago this time when the Purpose album went live. Happy 1 year @justinbieber.


#RIPVine A family that roasts together

how could we forget this classic #RIPVine

i still havent seen this full episode #RIPVine

Hillary Clinton: "I want to defend fracking." Climate change environmentalists should "Get a life," #PodestaEmails8

if it weren't for football this would just be three guys having a contest to see who could throw the weirdest thing

Newsweek recalls 125000 copies of its magazine whose cover shows Clinton winning the US presidential election

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Miles Bridges vs. the rim might be something to look out for this season...

Kristaps Porzingis hit the Dirk one-legged jumper and then stared Nowitzki down.

Madness in November.

2,200,000 more votes. #NotAMandate 'Hillary on course to become 2nd most popular presidential candidate in history

Julio Jones fantasy owners right now:

Westbrook treated the rim like a game of Whack-A-KD

Steelers almost got that onside kick

We couldn't let Scholesy's birthday go by without showing THAT goal at Villa... #MUFC

OBJ and co. are always practicing their dance moves. (via itsvi_p/Instagram)


Most popular questions

What does CO stand for?

CO stands for "Commanding officer"

How to abbreviate "Commanding officer"?

"Commanding officer" can be abbreviated as CO

What is the meaning of CO abbreviation?

The meaning of CO abbreviation is "Commanding officer"

What does CO mean?

CO as abbreviation means "Commanding officer"

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