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What does ETH mean? It stands for Ethiopia Federal Democratic Republic of

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#ETH's Almaz Ayana DESTROYS the world record in the 10,000m with a time of 29:17.45 and wins #GOLD!

Congratulations Almaz Ayana (#ETH) on breaking the WR in women's 10000m and taking #gold! #Olympics #Rio2016

BREAKING: Feyisa Lelisa of #ETH will NOT lose #Olympics silver for #OromoProtests gesture, IOC tells @BBC_NickCavell

ZEC/BTC, ZEC/ETH, ZEC/XMR, and ZEC/USDT markets added. $ZEC #Zcash

REP/BTC, REP/ETH, and REP/USDT markets added. $REP #Augur

Devcon2 vids! @zooko w/ Z-cash on Eth, Ethereum Ruby w/ @janxie, @virgilgr w/ Legalese, mobile/IoT w/ @BobSummerwill

The DAO "extraBalance" refunds have been credited as ETH deposits for customers who paid more than 1 ETH per 100 DAO during the crowdsale.

It's #TudorWeek in the #GBBO tent this week, but what doth that mean...eth?

Notice about the upcoming Ethereum (ETH) hard fork

Order books for @AugurProject $REP are up. REP funding not yet enabled but BUY orders on XBT, ETH, USD, EUR, JPY, CAD pairs may be placed.

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Ibrahim Jeilan ETH wins #StockholmDL 5000m in 13:03.22 PB 2 Kejelcha ETH 13:03.66 3 Edris ETH 13:05.54

Angelika Cichocka POL wins women's 1500m at #StockholmDL in 4:03.25 2 Bahta SWE 4:04.37 3 Tsegay ETH 4:04.37

Quality control for genetic sequencing @ETH_en

VertiGo, the 3D printed robot from Disney able to climb walls. @ETH #3dprinting

Women's 3k result: 1 Dibaba ETH 2 Defar ETH 3 Rowbury USA #Portland2016

With US Congressional delegation @ ETH Zuerich: looking into the future of manufacturing #MeetSwitzerland

KOBE puts up 40pts for the how many-eth time?

With theDAO comprising 12% of ETH, its success or failure will be seen as a litmus test for Ethereum, overall. That's high stakes, early on.

YuMi meets the @ETH robot EUROPA at the $ABB's technology pavilion #Gottardo2016


Most popular questions

What does ETH stand for?

ETH stands for "Ethiopia Federal Democratic Republic of"

How to abbreviate "Ethiopia Federal Democratic Republic of"?

"Ethiopia Federal Democratic Republic of" can be abbreviated as ETH

What is the meaning of ETH abbreviation?

The meaning of ETH abbreviation is "Ethiopia Federal Democratic Republic of"

What does ETH mean?

ETH as abbreviation means "Ethiopia Federal Democratic Republic of"

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