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What does YO mean? It stands for years old

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This is all very telling. From a personal standpoint, as a women of colour, I will be sure to hustle hard AND succeed. Eff yo bigotry.


That's the best $9,115 I've ever spent. F*ck yo helmet!! #StraightCashHomie

last minute mr. steal-yo-girl halloween looks

Obviamente con "mi equipo" me refiero al Sr. Panda y yo.

acaso tu eres perfecto un error lo comete cualquier persona o tu eres la divina papaya pues yo creo que no

Stop comparing YO SELF!

En una semana estoy en Mexico y yo tipo... #LaliOpeningRM

Khan says a woman told him her 10-yo son watches his speech every day he gets bullied at school. Teacher made class watch, bullying stopped.

But yo, listen man. The energy you keep around you is so important...whether you believe in energy or not. It can really dictate ya life

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Get money take care of yo people , motivate the world, don't let them tell u dreams don't come true , this was my dream

Pero que Messi haga lo que se le cante el reverendo orto, para algo es Messi. Yo si soy Messi no dejo ni que me miren a los ojos, zanganos.

@TiniStoessel y yo ya estamos preparadas para disfrutar en @fenomenofantv @canalsur @CMM_es @cextremadura !Nos vemos

Trump more than 2 hours late to PA rally. Just interviewed a woman who'd waited 4 hrs w/ 85 yo mom. In tears, told me Trump lost her vote.

Daaaaaaaammmmmmmnnnnnnnnn!!!!!Damn Ezekiel! Yo @steelers , you forgot the kid can run? And btw, Tomlin. Can we stop with the 2-pt Conv???

Libre de pensar lo que quiero, Libre de decir lo que siento, Libre de mirarte a la cara, Libre porque yo no miento

#MientrasOtrosSufrenPorAmor yo sufro por ser pobre

* Buenos dias! Que tal estais? Yo preparando todo para los videos de hoy! pero antes ... un cafecito calentito ^^

"Yo I should get Michael Jordan's jersey tattoo'd on my body" - Nordan Shat


Most popular questions

What does YO stand for?

YO stands for "years old"

How to abbreviate "years old"?

"years old" can be abbreviated as YO

What is the meaning of YO abbreviation?

The meaning of YO abbreviation is "years old"

What does YO mean?

YO as abbreviation means "years old"

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