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What does Barb mean? It stands for Barbarian

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No Halloween costume? No problem. Just ask yourself, 'what would Barb do?' #StrangerThings

I am going to be Slutty Barb from stranger things for Halloween this year If I go missing pls don't forget about me

I'm IN. Poor Barb

i'm barb tonight

girl, are you Barb from Stranger Things bc I feel like you were overhyped and then walked out before the check came

"Stranger Things" finally serves up some #JusticeForBarb in new teaser

See the #StrangerThings news report about Barbs' disappearance:

Can I write about Barb in a school paper? Is that allowed?

Earlier I commented on what appeared to be a posting by MLA Barb Miller. Turns out it was from a fake account. My apologies to Ms. Miller.

Netflix teases Stranger Things season 2 with news report on Barb's disappearance

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Stranger Things releases official news report on Barb:

Congratulations to Barb's Chip Dip Players of the Week! #GBO

America voted to kill Barb and let a Demogorgon run the country.

"Stranger Things" finally serves up some #JusticeForBarb in new teaser

I always get secondary embarrassment for actresses that play fat ugly losers. None more so than Barb on Stranger Things. Feel SO bad for her

Stranger Things releases official news report on Barb:

Oh, Flatirons -- you're ever so charming. Photo by Barb Verson. #Boulder

Netflix pone ofrenda a Barb, de #StrangerThings #2denoviembre

Joe Flacco responds to Ray Lewis' 'passionate' barb: 'It's my personality'


Most popular questions

What does Barb stand for?

Barb stands for "Barbarian"

How to abbreviate "Barbarian"?

"Barbarian" can be abbreviated as Barb

What is the meaning of Barb abbreviation?

The meaning of Barb abbreviation is "Barbarian"

What does Barb mean?

Barb as abbreviation means "Barbarian"