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What does yeah mean? It stands for yes

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But then Trump couldn't run, since his mom and paternal grandparents weren't born in the US. So, um, yeah.

Talagang may KASALYESERYE dahil KALYESERYE ay CALL YES sir YEAH! I do na I do! Oong oo! #ALDUBWedding @EatBulaga

Oh yeah, Trump will stand up for working people. 7 of his 13 top economic aids are Wall Street bankers. Just what the country needs more of.

Right, anything else for us to tweet this afternoon? Oh yeah... who's this?

[calling in sick tomorrow] me: hi, i.. boss: yeah me: yeah boss: listen im not coming in today

So yeah... Today might be a good day to donate to Planned Parenthood, the ACLU & any number of other suddenly VERY important organizations.


Hell yeah Friday

Wait let me redo all this in one tweet. Ok so @MsMinotaur proposed to me in @DestinyTheGame so yeah I said yes <3

"Look at the stars, Look how they shine for you, And everything you do, Yeah, they were all yellow." #ALDUBIYAMPasasalamat

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Know what's wrong about dogs? They're not all here with me right now to pet and love. Yeah. I went there.

MSM: "America is divided!" Um yeah, into those who pay taxes, and those who feed off those taxes.


New Single " Yeah 4x" OUT NOW when you Pre - Order "L2TP" -

According the final FoxNews poll, Hillary must take 24% of the Conservative vote to win. Lol, yeah THAT'S gonna happen.

"I can't be racist! Islam is not a race!" "So you're a bigot." "Yeah I guess I can't make a meaningless semantic argument against that."

Oh yeah!! @dbeltwrites and I are busy boys this week. Music, Film, creative. It's gonna be amazing! Can't wait for you all to see :)

Oh yeah that track for all the dum people who label us as drug rappers doubt I even cursed in that track open ur eyes we got styles for days

In Greece, certain municipalities have been given til the year 4144 to pay off their debt. Yeah, you read that right. #2129YearsToGo


Most popular questions

What does yeah stand for?

yeah stands for "yes"

How to abbreviate "yes"?

"yes" can be abbreviated as yeah

What is the meaning of yeah abbreviation?

The meaning of yeah abbreviation is "yes"

What does yeah mean?

yeah as abbreviation means "yes"

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