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Kael Drakkal
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What does Kael mean? It stands for Kael Drakkal

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I don't know how Trump won. I don't know a single John Oliver viewer who voted for him. --Lena Kael

We're planning to release a balance patch on 6/22 targeting Chromie, Rehgar, and Kael'thas.

Selama ashal'anore! The Cyberhawk Kael'Thas skin and Bundle are now available in the shop!

This week, Heroic Duos highlights the power of the ETC/Kael'thas combo. >

"Movies are so rarely great art that if we cannot appreciate great trash we have very little reason to be interested in them." Pauline Kael

Old school class. #Nissan #NissanSkyline #R31 - Photo: Kael G.

This is Awesome.....Congrats to my Brother/Bandmate Chris Kael, Well Deserved....

Pauline Kael, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and how the movies, too, missed the coming of the bad new days:

Next Zlog is up ...Pierre tells the police to freeze, a glitch in the matrix and Ivan adopts chris kael's workout

You're welcome. Kael/Gregoletto 2020.

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Penguins recall Ds Steve Oleksy, Tim Erixon; Fs Dominik Simon, JS Dea, Josh Archibald, Kael Mouillierat, Daniel Sprong; & G Tristan Jarry.

Pauline Kael's 1984 review of Prince's "Purple Rain" is in the ultimate insider's tribute to the late musician

PENS GOAL!!!!! Two hit posts, it sits on the goal line and KAel Mouillierat puts it home! 2-2

The #Pens have recalled forward Kael Mouillierat from the @WBSPenguins. Release:

The #Pens have re-assigned forwards Tom Sestito and Kael Mouillierat to the @WBSPenguins. Release:

EXT. HEAVEN LUDLUM: what's a cinematic universe? EBERT: Who knows. I only know sequels. Pauline? KAEL: Forget it boys, it's Chinatown.


Most popular questions

What does Kael stand for?

Kael stands for "Kael Drakkal"

How to abbreviate "Kael Drakkal"?

"Kael Drakkal" can be abbreviated as Kael

What is the meaning of Kael abbreviation?

The meaning of Kael abbreviation is "Kael Drakkal"

What does Kael mean?

Kael as abbreviation means "Kael Drakkal"