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Any piece of Cloth Armor
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What does Cloth mean? It stands for Any piece of Cloth Armor

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Thanks @alexalltimelow for all the rad cloth! You're a gem

BleachBit selling 'cloth or something' -- in homage to Clinton // Only thing #Hillary has accomplished in 30 years.

BleachBit selling 'cloth or something' -- in homage to Clinton via @AdamShawNY #FoxNews2016

#Bleachbit "You mean, like with a cloth?" @HillaryClinton

I wonder if Hillary is wiping her tears with a cloth or something. But at this point, what difference does it make? HT @ArthurSchwartz

BleachBit selling 'cloth or something' -- in homage to Clinton

Compassion is the name of the game folks, you'll never win without it. We are all cut from the same cloth, find common ground and unite

You ain't gotta be first at everything or the best at everything just be authentic and surround yourself with people cut from same cloth.

A Japanese startup is developing the Rimono, an electric smart car with a body made entirely of waterproof cloth.

'Tartan' was originally a French word. Medieval Scots used it to describe any woven (as opposed to knitted) cloth.

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Tonight I saw a young man get carried out by police in an APC. I saw him holding a cloth to his neck, locals say that's where he was shot.

Launched a Cloth & Book Bank, Mobile Library & Blood donor Mobile App -- let's contribute whole-heartedly towards increasing #HappinessIndex

You're the Kente cloth liaison between Kenya and the eastern United States

Quickly clean your window blinds with a pair of tongs and microfiber cloth:

I don't want anyone to think this is normal. This isn't a Dole, McCain, or Romney win. Trump is cut from a similar, but different, cloth.

On set going over everything ... I told the prod and director i got this special cloth alert .

Have you explored the intricacies of Indonesian textiles in 'The Sumatran Ship Cloth' yet?

That's a stretch, but it's hardly made up from whole cloth and makes some sense from Dershowitz's perspective.

In an unsewn bolt of cloth you can be all things at once... An ode to the magic of saris:


Most popular questions

What does Cloth stand for?

Cloth stands for "Any piece of Cloth Armor"

How to abbreviate "Any piece of Cloth Armor"?

"Any piece of Cloth Armor" can be abbreviated as Cloth

What is the meaning of Cloth abbreviation?

The meaning of Cloth abbreviation is "Any piece of Cloth Armor"

What does Cloth mean?

Cloth as abbreviation means "Any piece of Cloth Armor"

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