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Live action role-playing
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What does LARP mean? It stands for Live action role-playing

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"Anon FBI agent" could be a LARP'er, but much of what "he" said was true, especially re: Clinton Foundation and human trafficking.

How did I end up in the reality where women larp as men then breastfeed kids with beards and memes are a key part of the US election.

My wife Telbyn did not give permission to use this photo from our LARP blog

Also we tried to larp...

Trademark lawsuit over LARP archery gets thrown out of court by @joemullin

Shout out to all my geeky brethren and sistren trapped in airports today. You all want to get together and have a massive LARP? #DeltaDown

<1 hour in New Hampshire w/ a Hillary sticker and already yelled at by 3 white males -- loving this Twitter LARP sesh so far

This morning we have a fantastic piece from @muscularpikachu on her time in 100+ person Harry Potter inspired larp

Really measured analysis on Cruz there from AJ Delgado whose twitter banner is her with Trump in LARP photoshop. Great work @seanhannity

"My Twitter essay on the future of the GOP shall follow." [Gets 1 RT.] These irrelevant cucks are LARP'ing.

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Common Questions from LARP Newbies Answered

I wanna join a LARP team

Meet the ladies who LARP

"I've seen women kill Gods": Meet the ladies who LARP

Welcome to the LARP House. We've Got Fun and Games, Literally

The truth is that we're all LARPing our way through life. And I suppose all you can do is try and maybe LARP a bit less in your day to day.

My friends and I participated in an epic LARP-based marriage proposal! Here is the trailer: #LARPosal

@GeekandSundry @nerdist Helped out with a LARP-based marriage proposal with some familiar faces!

Wizards, warriors, and the quest for LARP insurance:


Most popular questions

What does LARP stand for?

LARP stands for "Live action role-playing"

How to abbreviate "Live action role-playing"?

"Live action role-playing" can be abbreviated as LARP

What is the meaning of LARP abbreviation?

The meaning of LARP abbreviation is "Live action role-playing"

What does LARP mean?

LARP as abbreviation means "Live action role-playing"

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