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What does ridic mean? It stands for Ridiculous

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Clinton attacking Trump on Iraq -even if true - is ridic. She played key role in the war, giving Bush support from the highest profile Dem

With Ryan all that matters is he still endorses. The rest is nonsense &fine print. He'll be back on Twitter tomorrow w his better way ridic.

All different ppl with different opinions, is what it is I suppose. Wish we can all at least agree these protests are ridic.

This pretentious bs that we have to discuss every existentialist idea in order to have it be considered an "intelligent convo" is ridic.

Look out for @mikecrossland on next season of Ridic!

I mean, Lesley Joseph is ridic..she's so fit, what a woman. @bbcstrictly

In our over-simplified anti-intellectual society, we have folks attacking and lashing out with zero facts to back their attacks. It's ridic.

(1) P. Riley needs to stop trolling @KingJames. I know his feelings hurt Bron left,but saying Shaq signing was bigger than Bron is ridic.

Kluber's breaking pitch to whiff Gordon was ridic. #Indians #hammy

media actually thinks @realDonaldTrump ran for office to get richer but barely reported pay-4-play allegations of Clinton. Biased and ridic

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Birthed in Japan but about to be enjoyed in Hong Kong: Orange + Grapefruit + Lemon. Sweet and aroma is ridic!

Today's forecast: A 90% chance of shoe shoppage. Today's ridic ministry wish: All women's shoes on the house! Tax: a short devo at checkout.

We have ridic @HalftimeReport planned for today live from #sohn2016 - Carson Block unveils a new short and Jim CHANOS on for the hour. 12 ET

Hope to see you guys at my live Q&A tomorrow at 2pm pt on Facebook! com hang get a shout out and ask ridic questions

@ChristophrWood they need Reddick to be ridic' for sure.

all the hot boys r at the opera tonight it's ridic

Rita Ora and Rachel Roy both publicly court speculation they've cheated with Jay Z. Then blame the tabloid press for the speculation. RIDIC!

Lagos now has more functioning street lights than Abuja. Ridic!!!

Lol Curry is ridic


Most popular questions

What does ridic stand for?

ridic stands for "Ridiculous"

How to abbreviate "Ridiculous"?

"Ridiculous" can be abbreviated as ridic

What is the meaning of ridic abbreviation?

The meaning of ridic abbreviation is "Ridiculous"

What does ridic mean?

ridic as abbreviation means "Ridiculous"

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