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Kiss Me
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What does 775 mean? It stands for Kiss Me

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CO EV: D: 554,340, 35.7% R: 547,775, 35.3% O: 21,943, 1.4% I: 429,267, 27.6%

This is a new whopper from Trump. Obama has commuted the sentences of 775 people.

After coming through pre-qualifying AND qualifying, world No.775 Marcus Willis has developed quite the following

Canucks re-sign Etem. One year, $775,000.

#MM93 3rd (1'22.775) & #DP26 15th (1'23.740) in #FP2 wrap up the opening day of the #GermanGP

Awesome: Brit Marcus Willis, No. 775 in the world, wins 1st round Wimbledon match. Now guaranteed $62,000. Career earnings? $95,129.

Spotify 10 nov: per @mengonimarco 37.775 con Sai che, 11.382 con Ti ho voluto bene veramente, 9.279 con Parole in circolo.

(775): He has started theming his dick pics. I have one he sent his duck has a sombrero on. Another a Barbie is riding it.

What you talkin' bout Willis? The world number 775 is in the #Wimbledon main draw!

Senate vote totals: NY & CA: D 12,775,994 R 1,865,072 31 other states: R 37,792,039 D 32,965,308

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Incorrectly charged $1,775.44; couldn't get it back for 18+ months. #Comcastic

Bob Day's private company donated $381,775 to the Family First party in 2012-13. Here's the AEC docs.

Fancy some #Wimbledon action? World #775 @Willbomb90 has a two-set lead On @BBCTwo & online

100 Level Club Season Tickets: - Private club access - Midfield seats - Starting at $775

You can already make reservations at the new Trump hotel in DC, which opens in Sept Rooms run from $775 to $24,000

On Friday, Durham voters cast 10,775 ballots in one stop early voting, for a total of 112,830. 49% of Durham registered voters have voted.

Another day, another hack: the gaming site Warframe and details of its 775,000 users

USD/PHP rate closes at 47.020. Previous close 46.775 #ANCpeso | @wddeguzman

We must get rid of everything not like God in order to get closer to Him. #MaleCall 7:00AM EST Monday morning, 712-775-7031, AC 575820942.


Most popular questions

What does 775 stand for?

775 stands for "Kiss Me"

How to abbreviate "Kiss Me"?

"Kiss Me" can be abbreviated as 775

What is the meaning of 775 abbreviation?

The meaning of 775 abbreviation is "Kiss Me"

What does 775 mean?

775 as abbreviation means "Kiss Me"

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