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Lesbian Power Couple
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What does LPC mean? It stands for Lesbian Power Couple

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We found the perfect desktop background for the new LPC.

Led by @JustinTrudeau the #LPC just stood & voted against motion denouncing the slaughter of Christians, Yazidis & Shias as genocide. Shame

Just met w Muslims Facing Tomorrow & Assyrian-CDN community. All upset LPC refused to acknowledge ISIS genocide.

Behold! The Large Pixel Collider is the most powerful PC we've ever built. #LPC

The op-ed the @globeandmail refused to print: #LPC President @annamgainey on grassroots fundraising in Cdn democracy

So get this: LPC Govt cannot get moving expense claims of CPC govt. Records sealed. LPC Ministers would have to ATIP their own dept!

The audacity of the #LPC know no bounds. They stood today and voted to protect their cash for access fundraising schemes #shameful #cdnpoli

Reminder: 35 of 48 #LPC staffers claimed moving expenses of less than $5K. 10 claimed moves worth more than $50K. 3 more than $100K.

Taxpayer $$$ blown on Limos, Photogs, MegaMoving fees..Charisma's sweet.But this is #Canada's gov't-not a night at the track #CPC #LPC #NDP

Does anyone know the names of the LPC staffers who were laughing at Bernard the Roughneck when he spoke in Ottawa? They need some sunlight.

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.@PeterVanLoan asks why LPC is fighting a war against Canadian history and scrapping the Confederation Medal:

#ndp back electoral reform referendum in bid to forge united opp front on PR, force #lpc hand: #erre #cndpoli

#WarRoomWarren just nailed it "looks like the weakness of my party (#LPC) is back- I am entitled to my entitlements" @KinsellaWarren

Kellie Leitch is the best thing to happen to the Liberal Party in a long, long time. #cpc #lpc #cdnpoli

So Gerald Butts will pay back $20,799.10 of "personalized cash payout and incidentals" plus the land transfer tax #Cdnpoli #LPC

We're bringing back the Large Pixel Collider. #LPC

Yet another broken #LPC promise. PM promised not to impose #CarbonTax on provinces yet has said he will do just that.

Large majority of #ERRE submissions back PR, so where's the "evidence-based" decision making from #LPC? #cdnpoli

Very excited for everyone to meet @HonJohnMcCallum tomorrow evening in #Brampton! #Cdnpoli #BramptonSouth #Brampoli #LPC


Most popular questions

What does LPC stand for?

LPC stands for "Lesbian Power Couple"

How to abbreviate "Lesbian Power Couple"?

"Lesbian Power Couple" can be abbreviated as LPC

What is the meaning of LPC abbreviation?

The meaning of LPC abbreviation is "Lesbian Power Couple"

What does LPC mean?

LPC as abbreviation means "Lesbian Power Couple"

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